As mentioned in one of my previous posts, New Projects, I started several projects in the month of May that I had hoped to finish by the end of that month. Project Cleanup is my project to completely clean and reinvigorate my three room living space. I had hoped to have this, along with all my other projects, finished by the end of May. As I wrote in my first part of this post Project Cleanup Part 1, I had a LOT to clean and it ended up taking much more time and work than I had imagined before I started. It is now the beginning of June and I am still hard at work on Project Cleanup. In this post, I will give you a progress update on how it’s going, what’s left to do, and maybe share a few progress photos.


First and foremost, my office is now almost completely cleaned up. I just have a few more boxes to move out of here, vacuum it one more time, and then dust/clean all the furniture. Once that is done, my office will be clean. I will next focus on decorating and improving my work space. While cleaning, I found a ton of empty picture frames that I had purchased over the course of the past decade or more. Shutterfly had a “prints for pennies” sale so I ordered several 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 prints of my artworks to fill all of the frames for under $10. You can see the eleven year old acrylic collage frame I somehow managed to not shatter over all these years with prints finally displayed in it along with a steel blue frame I found in the photo at left. On another wall, I hung a few of the other random frames I found also now featuring various artworks of mine. (I chose to decorate my office with my best artworks in an attempt to inspire and motivate myself to continue creating more artworks.) 

Not all of my walls are straight up and down; my biggest open wall is an inclined/angled wall. So on that wall, I ordered five posters of my favorite artworks of mine from Finerworks. Once those arrive, I will hang them in some fashion on this wall because posters are all I think will stay on this wall; frames would fall off. Next, I will hang up the curtain rod I bought from Wayfair and then the curtains I also purchased from that store. In case you hadn’t noticed by now, my walls are duo-toned (north/south walls are blue and east/west walls are green) so I had a really hard time deciding what color of curtains to get. I hope I chose wisely but we shall find out only when I actually get them hung up there. I haven’t had curtains on the window in this room since I acquired it in 2002. I’m so excited to see how they look once I get them up on that window!

My final improvement to this room will be a new bookshelf to house all my loose books that have been messily stacked around for who knows how long. I ordered a cheap adjustable three shelf bookshelf from Walmart not long ago and now I just need to put it together and then into place. Once I get that finished, I think I will be completely done in my office. I already completed most of Project Pop so that half of my office has been clean for a while. Before we move on from my office, I had two Beatles posters in here that I’ve had hung up since 2002. I took both down and will move them to my bedroom since my office is just for my artworks now.

My bathroom is rather small so cleaning it was not as big of a deal as the other two rooms. What it lacks in space, it more than made up for in soap scum and other gunk that required hours of intense scrubbing. I ended up just throwing my old shower curtain liner away rather than attempting to clean it. Unfortunately, they apparently don’t make colored liners anymore that I could find so I had throw out my matching green liner for a clear liner. Oh well. I had tried to create a tropical theme in this room some time ago but half of the tropical prints I had hung up have fallen off the walls in the time since I hung them up. The frames were apparently too heavy for the nails I used and the back of the frames were too thick (you know, they had that extra “arm” thing so I could alternately display them on a tabletop). So I took all of the pictures down, removed all the backings, and then hung them all back up including a couple new ones I had found while cleaning my bedroom. After that, it was a matter of putting to use the acrylic makeup organizer I purchased a while ago from Amazon and a few other little details here and there. I’ll share photos of my finished/cleaned bathroom once it’s completely finished in Project Cleanup Part 3. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to publish said post but I hope it will be soon because I really want all this to be done.

Finally, I must finish cleaning and decorating my bedroom. It’s going to take a while to do this because I have my old desk (in pieces) is in here and it needs to go before I can fully vacuum this room. I also need to finish cleaning all the furniture in here (the bedroom set is a vintage set I inherited from my grandparents and I have no idea how old these furniture pieces are). I’ve got all my clothes picked up and laundered but now I have to figure out what exactly to do with them. I guess it’s finally time I cleaned out the chest and dresser so I can put my clothing in those like I should have been doing all along. I also need to get rid of my old jewelry box as I don’t need it and it’s just taking up space. 

Those two Beatles posters I moved out of my office will be hung in here to go with all the other pop culture posters I have decorating this room. I’ll also be adding a Rolling Stones canvas I found while cleaning and a Harley Quinn artwork I purchased at a comic con several years ago that I also found while cleaning. (I need to find a frame for the latter first though. 12×18″ is apparently a difficult frame size to find.) I may move some of the posters already on the wall around in different spots just to change things up a bit. I need to buy a curtain rod and curtains for this room too but I don’t have the funds for it right now. Later, hopefully.

That’s all for this entry as I am sleepy and I have several full days of cleaning ahead of me. Thanks for viewing and until next time.