So, the question I keep getting asked is why have I been offline since this time last month? The short answer is, I’ve been sick. I’ve had the worst sinus infection of my life for over a month now. I’ve been on antibiotics and other medications but nothing seems to be kicking it this time. I’ve got an appointment to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist but they can’t get me in until May so until then I’m just hoping this will pass on its own.

So although I’m still quite sick, I’m also sick and tired of staying in bed all day and night. Granted, I got out last Monday and saw a movie (Captain Marvel) and that little excursion resulted in a new fever. So, I’m staying in for now but I’m at least going to get up out of bed and try to do… anything.

For now I’m watching the first Iron Man movie and will continue to watch all the Marvel movies I own to get ready for Avengers: End Game next month (when I’ll also hopefully be feeling better than I am now). I’m also going to try to get my Funko Pops collection up to date as I have acquired a few more. Maybe after that I’ll try to get back to work on my art projects including the Shelby Bly Project.

By the way, I loved the Captain Marvel movie. I’d go see it again if I could but I’ll just have to wait until it comes out on blu-ray later this year. Now I’m anxiously awaiting Avengers: End Game. I don’t usually see movies on opening day (too many people) but I might make an exception this time. I think I’ve watched both the trailers plus the teaser about a hundred times each.

Okay, I’ve been sitting up for over an hour watching Iron Man and I actually feel worse. I think I had better lay down for a while now. I’ll try to get online again soon; sooner than last time.