As I mentioned in my recent Status Update 016, I am actually feeling quite well. That medication change I went through last month seems to have had a very positive impact on me. That depression I saw on the edge of the horizon creeping ever closer has disappeared. I’m not just feeling good, I’m working at a great pace as well. As I mentioned before, I created a record six artworks in June then broke that record in July with seven artworks. I’m now working on an eighth artwork for July but I’m not sure if I’ll get it done before the end of the month or not. I’ve also been taking a few walks, doing some shopping for my parents, and trying to work on my cleaning my rooms. All in all, I’m actually feeling better than I have in months, perhaps years.

My Beloved Aayla

There always has to be some sort of dark cloud though, right? Last week, my beloved Aayla jumped down from a chair that was a little too high for her. As soon as she landed on the floor, she began screaming like a fire alarm. I took her to the vet the next day and he said she has a cracked pelvis. It’s not bad enough to need surgery and should heal on its own. He gave me some pain pills to give to her and to take the “wait and see approach”. After that first “day after” she started doing really well and was trying to run and jump like normal though I’ve done my best to get her to take it easy. I stopped giving her the pain pills Thursday because she was doing so well. Saturday (or Day #8 since the accident) she started limping again and appeared to be in pain. Mom gave her another pain pill and that seemed to do the trick. Sunday she seemed okay for the most part and we didn’t give her a pain pill that day. I may take her to the vet when they open, I’m not sure yet. She keeps feeling fine then seemingly like she’s hurting again. It’s difficult to know for sure.

Austin the Parrotlet

The other night I was going to make an mp3 or video of an audio recording I have of my late parrotlet, Austin, talking. Hearing his sweet little voice again after all these years (he died suddenly in the summer of 2011) was just more than I could handle. I broke down crying and couldn’t continue. I didn’t think beforehand that it would affect me like that. I may try again later but not for a while. I wish we could get another parrotlet but I’m not sure how well that would work with our dog Pixie around. With Aayla, it would be fine with no worries but Pixie is just a whole ‘nother story. LOL I still need to find all my old photos of my parrots Austin and Curley and add them to this website. All in due time, I suppose.

Pop Collection
All My Pops

I spent the bulk of today trying to organize my Funko Pops collection. I mainly just managed to get together all the ones I need to sell and took photos of them. So, if you’re in the market for some Pops, check out my newly updated For Sale page! Once I get a few or more (hopefully all) of them sold, I’ll get to work on organizing the ones I want to keep. I need to buy more stuff to build several risers and maybe get another shelf or two. There are quite a few new ones that I haven’t photographed for My Collection pages. I’m currently thinking up a new way to keep track of them. I started building a database a while back but it is in dire need of updating. I think I may make stickers to put on the Pops’ bottoms that correspond to numbers in the database. That should help!

That’s all for now. In summary, I’m feeling good and I think Aayla is feeling better which makes me feel even better. I’ve got more art to work on and that keeps me happy.