In just a relatively short span of time, the year 2018 will be over and a new year will begin. I think I’ve got all my websites, including this one, ready for the new year. I’ve updated just about every page on this blog with new info while also adding a load of new pages and posts along with some template tweaks to make the entire site easier to read. Every time I think I’ve got everything done that I can do, something else seems to show up on my to-do list to be done ASAP. Still, once this post is posted, I think I’m going to rest for a few days as the new year begins. Before I rest, I need to finish this post!

I’m still feeling good mood-wise and also still feeling fatigued at all times though it might be getting better. I only started the vitamin D treatments over a week or so ago and have only recently taken the second dose (it’s a once a week thing) so it is too early for it to be working just yet. (I’m told it takes one to two months to rectify a vitamin D deficiency.) It does seem a little bit better though so I’m hopeful. I am trying to work in spite of the fatigue; whether that be digital work on my computer or physical work on my rooms as I’m trying desperately to get both done.

There’s another, final sale of 2018 at Renderosity this weekend. Every product (including mine) that is on anyone’s wishlist is now 50% off. So, hurry on over to my Renderosity store and stock up while you can! I’ll try to have some new products ready in January 2019 and then have even more ready for February and beyond.

I’ve been catching up on my movie watching lately. I went to the movies back on Wednesday to see Aquaman. The trip wore me out and I had to go by myself but it was worth it. It was a really good movie! I also found a code for a free trial at Netflix and finally got to see Black Panther. It was also a really good movie! Now to wait impatiently for Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game and then Spiderman: Far From Home. Are there any other movies coming out in 2019? Oh yeah, STAR WARS IX!! I can hardly wait to see them all! 2019 is going to be a great year for movies!

I just finished watching Avengers: Infinity War again, this time on Netflix to get the most out of my free trial even though I have that movie on blu-ray, and now I’m going to catch up on the first season of The Orville to get ready for the premiere of season 2 later tonight (Sunday).

I’m now working on getting all the Pops! pages updated. I have acquired a few new ones (three or four in hand with a couple more pre-ordered and on the way) so I need to take new photos of them all and add them to My Collection. I also updated some of the information on those pages as needed. I finally took new photos of my Pops that I need to sell and researched updated pricing for them. They are now on the newly updated For Sale page. While I was at it, I updated my In Search Of wish list page with a few new wishes and took out some old ones. Remember, I’m open to trading stuff on the For Sale page for things on the In Search Of page! I’ll write a full post with updates on my collection soon including how I fixed a few Pops, some Funko critique, etc.

Aayla gave me quite a scare on Xmas night. She came to me crying but I thought she just wanted attention. It wasn’t until I picked her up that I saw a huge bloody knot on her head! I panicked and ran to my parents who called our vet. I finally calmed down and as time passed, the swelling on Aayla’s head bump went down. By the time I finally took the photo at right, the swelling had gone down significantly. You can still see it just a bit of a bump on the very top of her head.

Aayla Profile

The next morning I checked her head and it looked almost normal so I decided against taking her to the vet. She doesn’t like to go and it’s cold out so I decided it best not to stress her out when there’s not much he’d be able to do for her anyway. She’s still doing fine now but with a tiny bump on her head and she’s being a little more clingy than usual. I’ll keep her close and with a close eye on her just to be safe.

So, I guess now it’s time to make some New Year’s Resolutions? Okay, I’ll give it a try. Here it goes:

1. Work Harder to Lose Weight

Yeah, this has been my resolution for a few years straight now. I’m still going to give it another try though. I have to. Diet and exercise will be my two main goals for the new year. As long as I lose a little weight consistently, I’ll be happy. I know that I can’t lose it all at once. My main problem so far has been getting discouraged too easily. I need to keep my motivation up and keep working at it!

2. Clean Up My Rooms

While I was deeply depressed, I let the cleanliness of my rooms greatly lapse and now they are absolute disaster areas. It will take a lot of work to get them all cleaned up (I just have three rooms but they are very messed up.) Once my energy level goes back up, I’ll immediately get to work on cleaning everything up. Besides losing weight, this will be my main goal for early 2019.

3. Create More Art

It’s true that 2018 was my most productive year for new artworks since at least 2012 or even 2009 or perhaps ever. I created over 30 new artworks in 2018 and I am determined to beat that record in 2019. I think as long as my mood continues to hold up, I’ll be able to do it. If I fall into another depression, well, who knows. I’m remaining hopeful though that I’ll be able to top this year in the next.

4. Create More Commercial Content

This one could also be called make more money in 2019. I only really picked up my commercial content making in late 2018 when my mood finally improved. Now if that holds, I want to keep it up and continue pumping out new content for sale so I can actually have some cash on hand at most times rather than constantly being consistently broke and having to ask my mom for money.

That’s it for resolutions. I don’t want to create too many and risk failing at too many things. LOL I’m actually feeling hopeful for the new year which is unusual for me. I seem to recall either feeling terrible about or not at all caring about previous new years. I’m glad this one is a bit different! I have no plans to celebrate other than just snuggling with my Aayla and watching the festivities on TV.

I just finished what will probably be my last artwork of 2018. It’s titled The Gorgon Medusa and it can be seen now at Dream 9 Studios. Now that it’s finished, I think I’m going to take a short break from work and play a game I got during the current Steam sale (Jurassic World Evolution) or Sims 3 or Knights of the Old Republic for at least a day or two then it’s back to work! I do need to take some new screenshots of my mods for Sims 3 and KotOR… I do have many more ideas for new artworks but I need to rest a bit and so does my work PC. I just realized all those games play on my work PC. Oh well!

The Gorgon Medusa

That’s all for now, and this year. I’ll see you next year with more (hopefully) entertaining and informative posts! Thank you for viewing and do take care!