Ever since the new meds kicked in and I’ve been feeling so much better, I have been hard at work on so many things. I started work on reviving an old character of mine for re-release at Renderosity earlier in the month and started work on a few other brand new characters. I’ve been cleaning like mad although it’s mostly been to make room for my Funko Pop collection. (It’s still nice to have a cleaner living space.) Speaking of the Pops, I’ve cleaned out many of the ones I don’t need via Facebook and eBay. I’m also trying to get back to work on the Shelby Bly Project.

First off, I started reworking my character from 2012 named Rickard for Daz3D’s Michael 4. The newly revamped character has vastly improved, more detailed body textures, updated advanced shaders, and a brand new “elder” face morph with matching elder texture maps. I spent a lot of time trying to make this character not only better than it was, but the best that I can possibly do. When I posted previews on Facebook, he got a lot of attention so I’m hopeful he’ll do well once he’s finally released into my Renderosity store. Right now I’m waiting for my friend Anglu to create the DS compatible files for what I’m calling Rickard 3. I still need to create the promotional renders and write the ReadMe, sales blurb, etc. Once I finish with this character I’ll either continue work on another M4 character I’ve had in the works for a while or finish working on a new character I have in mind for Victoria 4. I just haven’t decided for sure yet which to work on first.

Rickard 3

My newly revived and improved character for M4, Poser, and DS.
Coming soon to Renderosity.

My three rooms could be classified as disaster areas, or at least they could have been. Such is the downside of living with depression; self-care falls to the waysides when I’m feeling too down to do anything. Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve begun cleaning up this huge mess. I still have a ways to go but I am making definite progress. Besides clearing up the floors (which I’ve still got a ways to go) I’ve also cleaned up my work desk, most of my entertainment center, and that’s about it so far. I had to stop cleaning while I was in the middle of cleaning up my entertainment center. You see, I cut myself while neck deep in thick dust and ancient mouse droppings and realized it had been almost ten years since my last tetanus shot. So, for safety’s sake, I stopped cleaning until I could get vaccinated. I got the vaccine yesterday (which I found out was coincidentally was almost exactly ten years to the day as my last vaccination was August 10, 2008) so I can go back to work cleaning today. I haven’t actually started cleaning yet today but I’m determined to do something cleaning related before the day runs out. I have too much stuff to do tomorrow and Friday to worry about doing a lot of cleaning on those days.

Once I finished cleaning my desk completely (except for the two drawers since that’s going to take a lot of organizing at some point), I added all of my Doctor Who pops to the top most shelf which seemed like a good idea. That was until I noticed from my vantage point sitting at the desk, all I can see is their disembodied heads. So I’m going to build a riser or two and figure out a better way to display them up there. I’ll attach of photo of what they look like right now. Once I get the entertainment center all cleaned up, I’ll share a photo of it and then display some Pops in it/on it. I’ll probably put all my movies & TV Pops plus maybe the half the DC collection.

Clean Desk

My newly completely clean desk.
It’s showing it’s age but it’s still a great desk. I blurred the screen because it showed a FB political post.

Doctor Who Pops On Desk

All of my Doctor Who Pops (so far) on top of my newly cleaned desk. I need to figure out a better way to display them.

Since I have my tetanus shot, all I really have to fear from cleaning from now on is running into spiders. Yikes! As long as they don’t bite and if they do I just hope it isn’t from a Brown Recluse because we do have those here. o.O Now I’ve gone and got myself scared again. They usually only come out in the open at night but they like to hide in places that I need to clean out (like empty boxes). I’ll just have to be extra careful. Maybe I should get some thick gloves to protect my hands. Then again, what if the spiders get into the gloves?! There I go again at scaring myself.

Pops for Sale

  • Star Wars Pops
  • Movies & TV Pops
  • Marvel Pops
  • DC Heroes Pops
  • Alice Pops

I managed to sell quite a few of my Funko Pops this week but I still have more that need to go to new homes. I took brand new photos and updated all of the prices of my Pops For Sale. Please visit the For Sale page if you’re interested or share the link with your friends who collect. You can also check out my current eBay auctions.

Although I’ve sold more than I’ve bought, I have added some new Pops to my collection but only in the few series that I’m focusing on collecting. I keep the various posts of the My Collection section updated regularly with photos of all my Pops as my collection evolves. If you’d like to help me out, I have an also up to date In Search Of page listing the Pops that I would like to add to my collection. 🙂 I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to buy any more Pops until I sell more of mine. We’ll see how long that promise holds out. LOL

Another project that I have going (or I’m trying to get going) is the Shelby Bly Project. To be completely honest, I haven’t worked on it at all since January of this year. Between being in a depressive phase and not getting enough support for the project, I just sort of gave up on it for several months. I’m now trying to get back into it since I’m feeling better and being more productive. I’ve started by working on a new website which isn’t finished yet. I’ll post an update on this blog once it’s live. You can still see the old, outdated site by clicking here.

Once I finish the new website, I’m going to get back to creating concept art of various kinds and finally finish typing up what should be the final draft. I’ll work more on the website tonight. I’ll be busy most of tomorrow and Friday but I’ll then (hopefully) get back to work on the entire project by this Saturday.

That’s all for now. I need to get to work!