Well, I’m trying to keep working but my mood is going down fast. So fast that I’m probably going to have to go back to the doctor sooner than my next appointment was scheduled for. I feel so tired all the time and all I really want to do is sleep but I’m forcing myself to stay awake and get done whatever I can. The past two days it’s been a losing batter but I’m still trying. I’ve been working on updating two of my most popular V4 characters from years past with new materials, textures, etc. and will release them at Renderosity once they’re finished. I’m also still working on the Shelby Bly Project and this blog.

In regards to this blog, I’ve finally started adding my game mods starting with my mods for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I’ve also been slowly but surely adding all of my Pops to the My Collection page. The entire Pops! section has been updated including the For Sale and In Search Of pages.

Nicola 3
Nicola 3

Here are previews of the two characters I’m currently working on and will soon release at Renderosity. The first is Nicola 3 for Poser 9+ and DS with Iray. I originally released Nicola 2 in 2012 and she was quite popular but is now completely out of date. I have completely overhauled the character for version 3. She has new morphs including an all new and improved body morph that requires only Morphs++, new textures including more realistic eye textures and fixed seams, plus new texture options, and completely new SSS-enhanced materials for Poser version 9 and up. My friend Angelika is working on the DS materials for Iray and maybe 3Delight; I need to message her for an update on how it’s going. Once finished, she will be released in my Renderosity store. I hope to have her released some time in October.

Vespera 2

The other character I’m working on is Vespera 2 for Poser 9+ and maybe DS if I can get the Poser half done in time. The original Vespera was released in, I think, 2011 or 2012. She now has brand new morphs, tons of new texture options, all new materials presets for Poser version 9 and up with SSS and more enhancements, and more including a bonus zombie skin set. I’m still working on her at this moment but I hope to have her ready for submission to the Renderosity store before the end of September if I’m really lucky. What?! It’s September 25 and there are only 5 days left in September? Shit! I had better get my ass in gear now!

On the bright side… uh… I finally configured the publicize plugin so notices of new posts will automatically post at my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. It won’t do this for anything other than standard posts like this one so if you want to be notified of all the little posts, enter your email address in the subscription box at the bottom of the page. No spam, I promise!

I want to go back to sleep now, dammit. I usually make a little vignette render for all of my standard posts like this but I just don’t feel like making one tonight. I’ll make one later and update the post later. Yeah, I’ll do that. Maybe.