Well it finally happened. I finally downloaded and installed The Sims 4 and several expansion and stuff packs to my PC. After years of playing only the Sims 3 (and loving it) I am finally willing to give the new iteration a fair try. Although I’ve only been playing for a day or two, I’ll write my initial impressions of the game here and how it compares to the Sims 3.

First off, the “worlds” you can choose to live in are so tiny. Just a few lots of varying types with only one or two residential lots per world that are cheap enough for a new player to buy. That to me, in a word, sucks. I loved the huge open worlds of the Sims 3 with so much to explore and just so many options. Also, no cars at all. The way you transition from one lot to another is to just “disappear” and “appear” after using your phone to say you want to go somewhere. This seems like sloppy game-play to me and odd for a “life simulator” to be so unrealistic. 

As a digital artist, one of the first things that popped out at me about the Sims 4 is the art style. It’s far more cartoonish than the previous games which feels like a step back, not forwards. I guess I could overhaul the game with custom content and make it more like Sims 3 but that would take a lot of various custom content and I’m trying to keep things vanilla for now. 

Okay, that’s enough complaining for a while. On the bright side, I love all the new gameplay elements such as going to work with your Sim, going to restaurants and themed festivals, the achievable holidays, and exploring the jungle. That’s just the little bit of stuff I’ve been able to do so far. There does appear to be a lot of new stuff to do in the Sims 4 that I could never do in the Sims 3. After a number of days I’m still trying to learn all the ropes and have yet to do even half of what all this game and its expansions offer. I’m really looking forward to exploring what else is in this game to do. That to me is great fun considering I had pretty much experienced all that the Sims 3 had to offer.

Oh one last thing I want to compare is the pets. So far I’ve only tried the pets expansion by owning a little chihuahua. You no longer control pets in any way; they are now NPCs which does add some realism. Pets were a lot easier to take care of when you could see their motives though. Now you just have to observe them and hope you can figure out what they need or ask them “What’s wrong?”. The pets also look more realistic this time around or at least the chihuahuas do. LOL

Next week, a new expansion will come out called Island Living and I am so looking forward to it. The island expansion on Sims 3 (Island Paradise) was beautiful and fun but had serious lag issues that were never resolved. I’m hopeful the Island Living for Sims 4 will be everything that I wanted for IP but couldn’t play due to the lag. 

One last thing before I close this entry. Remember my Sims 3 stories from a while ago that I then got depressed and quit halfway through? (Sorry about that, btw, but if you want to see them click here.) Well, after I get Island Living I am going to start a new Sims 4 game and record my progress for a new Sims 4 Story to add to this blog so stay tuned for that. 

That’s all for now. I have all my commercial work done for now (until I start a new commercial project) so I’m going to go play the Sims 4 for a bit. See you next time!