During my last marathon session of playing The Sims 3, I started writing down a list of tips and tricks to share with you all here on my blog. They are not in any particular order, other than the order in which I thought of them. Remember: I own the complete collection (meaning all expansion packs) so depending on which you own and have installed, these tips may or may not apply to your game.

  • Remember to SAVE OFTEN!!!
  • Need to build up your Martial Arts skill fast but keep getting fatigued for 8 hours straight? Once you get to Martial Arts skill level 4, you can Meditate. While you’re fatigued, just Meditate for 8 hours and your skill will increase almost as fast as when using an object.
  • Need more cash when you’re first starting out? Go to University! Every day you can click on the Administration building to “Apply for Funds” and get up to §5,000 per day based on you academic performance.
  • For all adventurers; go to China first and keep doing adventures there until you get the “Confounding Boulder” adventure. This is the adventure where you’ll acquire Pangyu’s Axe which you will need to destroy boulders in all destinations and also quickly remove rubble.
  • Another way for easy money is to go to the Future (any of version of it) and “Check Lottery Records” at the Oasis Landing City Hall. Then return to the present and “Buy a Lottery Ticket” at the Grocery Store. No guarantee you’ll hit the big jackpot though. It could be as little as §100 or more than a million!
  • You can opt your household out of the celebrity system if the downfalls of it are just too much for you (like the strangers/paparazzi showing up at or in your house at all hours). Do so in the game’s Options menu on the last tab under “Advanced Demographic Options”. You can always opt back in later but it’s hard to opt out once you are already a celebrity unless you install an extra potions mod or use cheats.
  • If the Utopia dew isn’t appearing in your inventory when you try to change the Future for the better, it’s probably because you have a potions-related mod installed. Temporarily remove these mods to complete the quest.
  • Anytime you install new game mods or delete old ones, remember to delete the Scripts Cache file! It’s usually located in “My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3”. For more info on deleting cache files, see here.
  • Want more time to do the all the things that need doing during the day? Download and install NRaas‘ Relativity Mod and set the interval to 27 to slow down the clock by half!
  • Always install the NRaas Overwatch and ErrorTrap mods to keep your game running as stable as possible.
  • I also recommend the NRaas Traveler mod but do not use it to travel from one country to another. It could potentially break your inventory and your game like it did mine. Always travel home between destinations!
  • Become a Science Sim by learning the Science skill and get a research station. You’ll be able to clone any collectable at skill level 9. This is really handy for collectors and alchemists!
  • Need help finding rare gems? Get a dog and train them to hunt! They’ll find rare gems, metals, and more. This will also work with Werewolves.
  • Stuck in a tomb? Here’s a link to detailed walkthroughs for all adventures.
  • Need more in-depth hints and tips? Check out the awesome resource that is Carl’s Sims 3 Guide.

That’s all for now. I’ll edit this post with more tips and tricks when I play the game again. Stay tuned for my next Sims 3 related post which will be full of mod recommendations and perhaps even some mods of my own!

Last Updated: January 08, 2019