For those that don’t know, the Shelby Bly Project is a project to create a graphic novel that I will illustrate of an adventure story that I have been writing. Back in mid-2018 I more or less cancelled the Shelby Bly Project after many years of off and on work. I had done my last work on it back in January of 2018 and then stopped due to perceived lack of interest and falling into a depression. I have since reconsidered now that I’m feeling better and starting now (January 2019) I am officially resuming work on the Shelby Bly Project.

The website I had built for the Shelby Bly Project was deleted after the domain name for it expired last year. Although I downloaded an archive of the old site, I don’t quite know how to restore it. No matter. I just created a brand new site for the project which can be found by clicking here. The site is currently bare bones but I will be adding more to it as time and the project progresses. I re-rendered all of the concept art and posted it on the new site. I’ll be adding more concept art as I continue to create more. I also plan to create some new promotional artworks to help raise interest in the project. I’ll be posting those both on the SBP website and my main art site, Dream 9 Studios.

A couple days ago I was able to locate my handwritten Story Draft #4 and found the computer file for my half-finished Story Draft #5. I am now able to pick up where I left off this time last year and continue writing the Story Draft #5. At this moment, I am taking a short break to do a few other things but I left off in the middle of Chapter 7 (there are, I think, nine chapters in all) so I’m nearly finished. I’ll get back to writing again here in a few minutes. I’m not sure yet whether I will be able to just do spot fixes as needed on Story Draft #5 or if I will need to write a full Story Draft #6. I’m hoping I can talk a couple of my friends into reading Story Draft #5 and letting me know what they think of it before I decide on whether to write a sixth and hopefully final draft. Once I do finalize the story, I’ll get to work on storyboards and page layouts.

That’s all for now as I have a lot of work to do in order to get the project back up to speed. For more information about the project, please check out the website I built for it here: Shelby Bly Project. Thank you for viewing and for your continued support!