Another day, another adventure in The Sims 3! Today is Day 7, I think. The game keeps crashing on me so I’ve kind of lost track of time. I may have a bad file somewhere and need to reinstall the game and its expansion packs. I hope not, that’s a lot of hassle. If it crashes a few more times before I’ve had a chance to save, I’ll definitely go about reinstalling. Better than the headaches from crashes.

First off, Abbey returned to France to further an adventure Abbey I had started in China (the quest to enter the Dragon Cave in China required me to find the keystone in France). Abbey also finished a French adventure that we had started on the first trip but ran out of time to complete. Once those two tasks were out of the way, Abbey took on a few more adventures including one that requires her to now travel back to Egypt! I had several days left in the vacation so Abbey got her feet wet learning the Nectar Making skill and made several bottles while completing a nectar related adventure or two.

Abbey then returned home and thankfully all of the major relics she found while in France did not disappear from her inventory this time. It must have been a temporary glitch that happened the other day or it worked this time because I sent Abbey directly home instead of traveling to a second destination like last time. I still don’t know for sure.

Pangyu's Axe in Action

Why slowly chip away at rubble piles when Pangyu’s Axe can destroy them instantly?

Adventuring = Lots of Running

There’s a LOT of running around when doing the various adventures in the different locales. I wish it affected her athletic skill but it doesn’t.

And It's Gone

No more rubble pile, thanks to Pangyu’s Axe!

Making Nectar & Practicing Magic

It takes a while for the machine to produce nectar so Abbey spent that time wisely by “playing with magic” to further her skill as a witch. Did you forget she’s a witch? I almost did!

I keep forgetting to write about Abbey’s job at the science center a.k.a. Serpentine Labs! She’s been promoted several times and received several large raises. She is now at Career Level 9 and makes §968 per hour. She has also invested in several local businesses (I think seven or eight) and her investments return about §21,000 per week. Abbey currently has around §392,000 cash on hand. That doesn’t count the value of her house, possessions, and investments. To think she started with less than §1,000 and is now rich. If this keeps up, she’ll be a millionaire one day!

Oh, the gem collection I started is now complete and looks so beautiful at night with all the shinies shining. See for yourself below! I think I might start a second gem collection of similar gems but with a different cut or cuts. The heart-shaped cut is the most prized but the crystal ball cut shows off the beauty of the gems better. I wonder which to choose?

Complete Gem Collection

My collection of rare gems is now complete! Look at all those shiny gemstones! I think I’ll start another collection with a different gem cut.

After a short rest, Abbey returned to China to complete the Dragon Cave adventure that she had started on her last trip there and continued while in France. Inside the Dragon Cave is the tomb of the feared Chinese Warlord, Dong Huo. (Am I the only one giggling at that name?) After showing she has the keystone, Abbey was told she must become a SimFu Master and break a space rock with her bare hands. Okay, here we go. Abbey trained hard with the training dummy and board breaker until she became exhausted then either slept or meditated (meditation actually builds up martial arts skill) and repeat, repeat, repeat. It took about seven days of her fifteen day vacation to master the martial arts skill and finally be able to break a space rock on the board breaker. Good thing about breaking space rocks is that you can sometimes get rare gems as seen in the screenshot.

But that wasn’t enough, apparently. After finally mastering the skill, Abbey was told she had to win against someone in a ranked sparring match. It took me a while to figure out how to do this. (You call them up on the phone while you’re at the Academy. I tried calling while on other lots but it didn’t work.) Abbey lost her first bout but the man agreed to a second bout and that time Abbey was victorious. Now, finally after all that, Abbey is allowed to enter the Dragon Cave and defeat Dong Huo in combat.

SimFu Training

To be allowed into the Dragon Cave tomb, Abbey must first master the martial arts skill and break a space rock with her bare hands.

SimFu Sparring

Now Abbey must best a champion of SimFu to prove herself worthy to enter the Dragon Cave and defeat the mummy of Dong Huo.

Space Rock Gems

Break space rocks, get gems. It’s a great deal!

Upon entering the tomb, I soon realize this is probably the most difficult one in China. There are traps everywhere that can be seen but worse still there are even more traps that are hidden from view until it’s too late. I messed up and Abbey got torched again but thank goodness for that Shower in a Can or she would be dangerously singed, or worse dead.

Once past the traps and puzzles, Abbey found herself face-to-face with the fearsome Chinese Warlord, Dong Huo…. who looks unmistakably Egyptian and so does his sarcophagus. See below. (Either there’s an interesting back story there or it was just lazy game design. Given some other things I’ve seen, I’m leaning towards the latter.) Oh, and despite everyone telling Abbey that she would “face Dong Huo in combat” she never actually did. She just stepped on a bunch of panels to “lock in his spirit for all eternity”. There was no fighting at all. None. Learned all that SimFu for nothing. Dammit.

Lots of Traps Here

As you can see, there are a LOT of traps in the tomb but it’s the ones you can’t see that you need to worry about.

Sprung a Fire Trap

Abbey wasn’t careful enough and sprung a fire trap. Luckily she had plenty of Shower in a Can to put out the flames with.

That's Dong Huo?!

If you ask me, that feared Chinese warlord and his sarcophagus look very… Egyptian. You’d think they could have made a more authentic looking mummy and tomb but no.

Stupid me misread the Adventure Journal and thought I had completed all of the relic collections from China so she went home early. That is not so. She still has to find one Dropa Stone, one Dangerous Creature, and four more Chinese Tomb Symbols. Also need four more tomb relics from France and that will be all for relic collecting. On the bright side, she now has 17,522 gold coins to continue spending. I’m not sure how many she has found in total, that’s net. Oh well, another trip to China will be coming up to finish those last four tombs and find the other remaining Chinese relics.

Within minutes of returning home, Abbey had the wish to propose marriage to Tony Stark. Who am I to stand in the way of love? So, I let Abbey invite Tony over for a home-cooked meal then she proposed. In spite of his “commitment issues” he said yes! Abbey is now, once again, engaged to be married. Let’s hope she actually goes through with it this time and has a far better bachelorette party (the last one, no one showed up). Time to pick out a wedding dress!

He Said Yes!

Abbey’s wish was to propose marriage to Tony and that she did and he said yes! Looks like Abbey is once again on her way to getting married. Will she actually go through with it this time? We shall see!

That’s all for today. Tomorrow Abbey will make a short trip to Egypt to finish an adventure that started in France earlier today. She’ll also be throwing a bachelorette party and then will, hopefully, get married. I think she’ll go through with it as long as Captain America doesn’t show up. Wait, what? Oh, tune it next time to find out what I just found. 😀