And on the sixth day… Abbey travels to Egypt for her third and possibly final trip and then heads directly to China before going home and aging up to full adulthood. It was an eventful day indeed! Let’s walk through it, shall we?

I decided I want to collect ALL of the relic collections including the tomb relics. So far I have completed the Canopic Jars and the Golden Figurine collections. I sent Abbey back to Egypt to finish getting all of the Egyptian relics which meant finishing up each and every tomb there. It took a while but she managed to find all 13 Egyptian Tomb Sigils. With all the tombs in Egypt now raided, I decided to round up some scarabs and crypt moths before leaving for China. With the NRaas Traveler mod, I am able to go directly from Egypt to China. Yay!

While in China, she raided two more tombs before taking on adventure which requires Abbey to travel to France to further it. I’m literally too tired to go to France right now (loading times are a pain in the ass, okay?) so I decided that Abbey should work on her fishing skill and learn Sim Fu (that’s their martial arts). She caught several Dragonfish and almost got to Level 5 of the Martial Arts skill before she become exhausted and so did I watching her hit that training dummy. Abbey then went on several excavations and finished up the Chinese Vases and Zodiac Animals relic collections plus found a Dropa Stone. Even more awesome? She caught a total of 6 Red Assassin Bugs. Abbey was needing three of those for a job promotion and the extras will sell for a very nice price. After a while I become bored with all the fishing, excavating, and martial arts-ing, so I had Abbey return home after one last trip to the relic merchant just to see what they had (nothing of interest).

Fishing for Dragonfish

While in China, I had Abbey work on her fishing skills while catching the ever awesome looking Dragonfish which blows fire while under water.

Visiting the Relic Merchant

You must always check in to see what’s new in the relic merchant’s inventory. You never know what you’ll find!

Upon returning home, something odd happened. I lost from Abbey’s personal inventory all of the major relics she had found. I don’t know how it happened but it did happen. I was able to load an earlier save and try again but it happened again. I finally bought a vacation home in China and stored all of the artifacts she had in her inventory there. My hope is that if I come back to China later and get the artifacts, they’ll come through when she returns home again. That is my hope, anyway. We shall see. Perhaps it had something to do with the Traveler mod sending her directly from Egypt to China? I don’t know for sure. I’ll post on the NRaas forum and see if anyone else has had a similar problem with the mod installed.

The day she came home turned out to be Abbey’s birthday. She aged up to a full adult from a young adult. Since she’s now more mature, I decided to give her a new hairstyle and default outfit. See them both below! A short time later, I had Abbey research alchemy some more to learn new elixir recipes and with that she mastered the alchemy skill. She still needs to find and unlock all of the elixir recipes but she can now learn any of them at any time. Several have been unlocked but there’s always more to learn, it seems.

New Hair Style

Now that Abbey is a full adult, I thought it was time for a new hair style. What do you think of her new ‘do?

Mastered Alchemy

After lots of study and elixir mixing, Abbey has finally mastered the alchemy skill. Now to unlock ALL of the elixir recipes.

New Outfit

This is Abbey’s new default outfit for her day-to-day living. I think it’s stylish. What do you think?

Remember how I said I was going to add more familiar characters to the town to make things even more interesting? Well, I did do that. I added Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Tony Stark, and Natasha Romanoff. The very day that I added them, Lara and Indy got together. I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me, they have so much in common it would be surprising if they hadn’t hit it off. Upon meeting Tony Stark, he immediately took an interest in Abbey and vice versa. I think he’s a better match than Scott so Abbey sent Scott a break-up text. She probably should have told him in person because now he hates her. Whoops! On the bright side, Abbey and Tony seem happy together and are now going steady. Oh, and a day later in the game, I got a very surprising message about Lara and Indy. See below. For some reason, I haven’t run into Natasha yet. I’m sure she’s there somewhere. I might add a few more familiar characters sooner rather than later.

Hello There!

Abbey stops by the estate of Tony Stark to say hello and he almost immediately begins flirting with her beginning with a flirtatious joke.

Abbey Sends a Break-Up Text

She probably should have broken up with Scott in person because now he hates her to the point that they’re almost enemies.

That Escalated Quickly

After only two or three days living in Sunlit Tides, Lara and Indy are no together and in over their heads!

Indy and Lara Hit it Off

Within a day of being in the town, Lara Croft and Indiana Jones get into a committed relationship.

Abbey and Tony

Abbey isn’t alone for long. Now properly single, she can flirt back with Tony while who just happened to be at the same cafe.

Abbey's Garden

With all this relationship turmoil, it’s a good thing that Abbey has her ever growing garden to relax in. Most of these are plants needed for elixirs.

That’s all for this day in the life of Abbey Rose. Tune in next time for more adventure and romance! I think I’ll be sending Abbey back to France next and then one more trip to China to finish a current quest and see if we can finally bring home those relics that glitched before.