And now for Day 5! Today was a fun and very varied day. I’m still laughing about the party. Putting familiar characters into the town was a fantastic idea, as it turns out. I’m going to be putting more in my town as soon as possible to make things even more interesting and fun. I just need to find or make more familiar characters! Stay tuned!

First off, Abbey finally made the journey to France to get her final Level 3 Visa and complete her Lifetime Wish. It took only two or three adventures to get the necessary points to achieve the level 3 visa. I was shocked that it happened so soon and suddenly! Upon completeing her Lifetime Wish, she gained 60,000 points for LTRs (Lifetime Rewards) which I think is the highest amount you can get from any of the LTWs in the game. She bought several rewards with the points including Magic Hands (no longer need a wand to do magic and magic never fails with Magic Hands) and the Collection Helper which will help Abbey track down every collectable on the map by flagging them. These will make her life so much easier! I purchased a few others as well as she had already been saving up points from day to day wishes.

Lifetime Reward Points

Upon completing her Lifetime Wish, Abbey received 60,000 points to spend on Lifetime Rewards! Now to decide which rewards to spend those points on!

It's Done

Abbey has, as you can clearly see, completed her Lifetime Wish.

I was so happy/excited about the quick completion of the LTW that I forgot to take a lot of screenshots during her visit to Champs Les Sims.She did find 2 more Dropa Stones, 1 Dangerous Creature Relic, and lots of bugs and gems plus some common relics. I wasn’t able to find any raw, uncut Opal for my rare gem collection though. Luckily I did find one already cut with the Brilliant Cut which is what all the others are/will be cut as. You can see all the gems I have so far in my collection via the screenshot below. I have room for 4 more gems and I know what 2 of them will be: Soulpeace and Fluorite.

My Gem Collection

I’m collecting all the rarest and most valuable gems in the game then putting them in this display case. Neat, huh?

Upon returning home from France, Abbey went on a couple dates with Scott Smith and they soon fell in love. While at a party with Scott, the wish to Propose Marriage came up so I went with it. Abbey Rose proposed to Scott Smith and he said yes. Look how excited he is in the screenshot! LOL Now it’s time to start planning the wedding and the bachelorette party! Picking out her wedding dress was easy. I had planned for them to get married at the Serenity Retreat in Sunlit Tides but while I was working on getting it ready, my game crashed. I was devastated that so much of my work was gone in a flash that I gave up on that idea and they will just get married at Abbey’s house once I get things set up.

Even though I have the LTR regarding parties, when I threw a bachelorette party for Abbey… no one showed up. It was so incredibly sad. I don’t know happened. It could have been a game glitch or I just invited the wrong combination of people. Sometimes if you unknowingly invite two enemies they won’t show up because they don’t want to be in the same room together. Oh well. I miss not seeing the dancing male stripper but there’s always the next game (or marriage if things don’t go well with Scott).

He Said Yes!

Who says it’s the man’s job to propose? I was getting tired of waiting so Abbey asked Scott to be her groom. Prepare for the upcoming bachlorette and wedding parties!

After the disappointing no-show bachelorette party, I decided to hold off on the wedding for now. Instead, I got a notification that it is Snowflake Day and Abbey had the wish to throw a Gift Giving Party. I thought, why not? So she threw said party and invited as many people as she could including the Beatles and the Doctor Who companions (and Scott a.k.a. the Doctor himself). It turned out to be both fun and hilarious. I loved it and so did all the Sims in it. Read on to find out what went down!

Thankfully, this time everyone whom Abbey invited showed up and brought gifts to add to the pile plus Paul showed up with some sort of cobbler. Once George arrived he just sort of stood there and stared at Abbey. It was weird and she looked back at him only once. Clara showed up singed from an experiment gone wrong at the Serpentine Labs science center along with one of her and Abbey’s other co-workers. Amy arrived then immediately left and I have no idea why. Maybe she’s bitter enemies with one of the other guests? Rose Tyler must have found a baby sitter because she arrived alone at the party (she had a love-child with some random Townie; a son named Tyler. That’s right, his name is Tyler Tyler. Talk about random game glitches!) The last person to arrive right before it was time to open presents was John who immediately began laughing at the singed Clara the moment he saw her. Bad John!

Paul brought a cobbler

Not sure what kind of cobbler Paul McCartney brought to the party but I’m sure it’s vegan.

Ringo is Unsure

Ringo is unsure as he arrives at the party upon seeing Abbey’s singed co-worker. Lots of accidents happen at the Serpentine Labs apparently.

Together Again

Ringo, John, and George. Together again. I just love this picture. I just wish Paul had been in it but he’s mad at John right now. In the game I mean. Yes, even in the Sims 3 they can’t get along all the time.

Stare at Me Why Don't You

Not sure why, but George Harrison is staring very intensely at Abbey while not saying a word. It’s a little creepy.

What's So funny?

John Lennon shows up to the party late and immediately starts laughing at the singed Clara Oswald while Mocha just wonders about people.

George and The Doctor

I always figured George Harrison was a Doctor Who fan. No idea what they’re talking about but they seem very involved in the conversation.

The party soon got under way and everyone took turns opening gifts. Abbey recieved two gifts, both of which were decorative objects. I thought they were boring gifts but she was giddy and clapped happily about them. The moment all the gifts had been opened, for some reason beyond me, John changed into his swim trunks (or are those boxers?) and most everyone pointed at him and laughed so he left. It was so strange and laugh out loud funny! Then the music got turned out and most everyone started dancing or chatting each other up. Paul made an effort to dance with each lady at the party at least once, including Abbey! Ringo and Rose hit it off and started slow dancing. As I scanned the room I noticed Abbey’s co-worker and best friend Ursula had something odd going on then the realization hit me; SHE HAS FLEAS! Yup, I don’t know if you can see it in the screenshots but there are fleas jumping off Ursula in all the shots. Yuck! I checked Mocha after everyone was gone and thankfully he was clean.

Once everyone left and sang their praises about the party, I got a notification (which you can see below) that the party was the greatest ever. IT WAS EPIC! I can hardly wait to top it!

It's Party Time

Everyone gathers around the gifts to begin taking turns opening them.


I don’t know why but as soon as the gifts were handed out, John changed into his swim trunks. Everyone was laughing at him or the two singed Sims. Weird.

Dance with Paul

He danced with all the other ladies at the party, so why not? One last dance before the party’s over.

Abbey Opens a Gift

Abbey opens her first gift during the Snowflake Day Gift Giving Party.

All Together Now

Look at them all party after the gifts have been opened.

See? Epic!

This is the notification I got proving that I threw the absolute best party ever. Now to top it when I throw the wedding party!

Well, that was a fun day indeed and proof positive that I need to add more familiar characters to my town as it makes day-to-day stuff seem more fun and interesting. Who will you see popping up? Only time will tell!