Welcome to Day 5 of my Sims 4 Story! To find all of the previous days stories, see the Sims Stories page where all the posts are located. Today, as the title of this post implies, is marked by both tragedy and triumph. 

To start with, Maia has been promoted to Illustrious Illustrator which is the Level 9 of the Painter Career. Only one more promotion to go! She also got a couple new reward objects; an expensive easel and a Prima Ballerina statue. She needs Logic Skill Level 6 to advance so I had her drink a Focused CelebSerum which causes both a Focused mood and faster skill gain then sent her to a Chess Table. She’s now at Level 5 but it’s time to go to work. Level 6 will have to wait until tomorrow.


While Maia is at work, I noticed a new fishing spot near their new house. Since one of Rangi’s aspirations is to fish in three different spots, I sent him to the new spot. Unfortunately, a monsoon struck just after he left the house. Before I could send him back home, he was hit by lighting. Shit! Then, on his way home his umbrella broke. Shit! Shit! And then he was hit by lighting again. Shit! Shit! Shit!!!!!

That’s right, Rangi never made it home and died from the second lightning strike. Poor Maia will be heartbroken! Maybe a Fisherman wasn’t the best choice for a Sim like Maia with the Child of the Ocean trait. She cried every time he put a mounted fish on the wall. 


Once Maia got home from work, she very sadly walked across the island to pick up Rangi’s remains then lovingly placed them on their home lot. She then mourned at his headstone. Poor, poor Maia! She even cried herself to sleep! You know, she has 9 vacation days saved up from work. I think it’s time Maia take an exotic vacation to get her mind off things! She needs a new aspiration anyway and I think the Archaeology Aspiration would be a great choice! I think I will send her to Selvadorada. 

Upon arriving in Selvadorada, Maia booked the cheap Hillview Hideaway and then went to the cantina to soak up some local culture and to get adventuring supplies. Maia spoke to every local she could to increase her culture skill.  Her new aspiration goals are to excavate three dig piles and uncover an artifact. So far I haven’t seen any dirt piles but I haven’t headed into the ruins yet either.


Before leaving for said ruins, I noticed Maia is only five days away from becoming an elder! She has so much more living yet to do!!! So, I used some of her satisfaction points to purchase  some youth potion. It worked! Now she’s back to the start of her adulthood. I wish there was an age freeze potion or way to alter Sim lifespans like in Sims 3 but I haven’t figure out how if either is possible.

I next sent Maia off to do some exploring in the jungle. She found the three needed dig piles and then some plus some dirt clumps to extract artifacts from later to finish the aspiration goal. Maia even made it to the hidden temple and successfully, fully explored it. She found over §30,000 worth of artifacts!! She’s also now at Archaeology Skill 3. 


After traveling back to the cantina, Maia met a creative artist-type and fell in love again! Her new boyfriend is Maximo Figuera. They had their first kiss at the cantina and then he went back to her rented abode for some nighttime shenanigans. After he left, Maia put up the archaeology table she bought and finished her first aspiration goal. Now she must achieve Level 4 Archaeology Skill (done!), survey for a dig pile, and authenticate three artifacts. She immediately did the latter and then went back in the house to authenticate the three artifacts. Milestone completed! Now she must achieve Level 7 Archaeology Skill, establish three excavation sites, and authenticate five excellent artifacts. Time to go home for now though!

Although Maia lost her beloved husband earlier today, she is focused on looking forward. She was promoted, achieved two aspiration milestones, went on an exotic vacation, and got a new boyfriend. What will tomorrow bring? More triumph or more tragedy? Only time and this blog will tell for sure… tomorrow! See you then!