Welcome to Day 4 of my Sims 4 Story! To find previous days, see these links: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 or visit the Sims Stories page. Sorry I didn’t post this sooner but I had actual work to do first. Now it’s back to the Sim Life!

Today is Maia’s wedding day! Soon this story will become a tale of two Sims as Rangi will join the household. How will Maia cope with no longer living the bachelorette life? Read on to find out! 


It’s time for Maia to get married! I setup a wedding party at one of the parks that appeared to have all the needed facilities including a wedding arch. Before leaving for the wedding party, Maia baked a coconut cake and put a wedding topper on it then placed it in her inventory. At the park, I put the cake on the center of a counter and then sent Maia to the arch to get married to Rangi. The ceremony was cute and a success complete with fireworks! The overall wedding day party was a success. That was almost not the case as Maia’s fun motive was in the red zone and stupid me forgot to hire a piano player. Luckily, I got the idea to have her admire every decor object on the lot and that sent her fun motive into the green. Yay for happy wedding day!

Rangi has now joined Maia’s household and brought with him over §19,000 so now they have a combined total of §29,288 in family funds! That’s might be enough to buy a new house! We shall see…

I noticed Rangi didn’t have a job yet but did have a maxed out fishing skill so I had him take the Fishing Career which he’ll start at the bottom of plus I had him choose the Fishing aspiration. That should keep him busy for a while!

Once home, Maia went back to painting and finally maxed out her painting skill by achieving Level 10! She still needs to increase her Logic Skill to get that next job promotion but this is still a great milestone. I’m not sure if she got any reward objects for this. I’ll have to go back into the game and check.


I noticed that Rangi looks like he had a bit too much wedding cake so I put him on the treadmill for a while. I also noticed both of them are a bit flabby so I also bought a weight lifting machine for them both to work out on. While Rangi works out, I sent Maia to finish her next tier of aspiration goals; Explore the Beach Cave and Discover Buried Treasure. 

After a trip around the islands, both are completed. I completed the latter goal by Free Diving for Treasure rather than endless beachcombing. Huh, I think someone stole Maia’s new Jet Ski!! Oh well, I’ll look around for it later. The final goal is to fall asleep in the lounge chair?! Okay, done. Beach Life Aspiration Complete! Maia now has a ton of satisfaction points though I can’t decide what to spend them on just yet. Maybe Creative Visionary trait? Yes, that will do!


I found a bigger house in Sulani that Maia and Rangi can afford!! They just purchased and moved into the Journey’s End house which was purchased unfurnished. I had to spend over §20,000 or so to buy furniture and then realized I forgot to buy any light fixtures! Whoops! They still have §9,780 left over. Hey, we get another welcome committee and another Kava Bowl. Cool.

Okay, something darkly hilarious just happened thanks to that aforementioned mod. The town’s very annoying Peeping Tom just broke into Maia’s new house and propositioned her for sex which she immediately turned down. Then, because he was an elder apparently at the end of his lifespan, went upstairs and promptly died of old age. The Grim Reaper showed up and took him away but left an urn that I can’t delete. Crap. Maia continued painting and didn’t notice the death so there was no effect on her. Rangi noticed it though and now he’s Very Sad. Dammit.


That’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow as Maia and Rangi continue their lives together. Will they decide to have a child? Or will they focus on their careers instead? Who knows what will happen next? You won’t if you don’t come back and find out! See you then!