Welcome to Day 3 of my Sims 4 Story! Day 1 can be found here and Day 2 is found here. Today Maia got promoted, became more famous, had some romantic troubles and successes, and celebrated some holidays. It was a fun Day! 


Since Maia finally threw a successful Gold Level Kava Party, she completed the first level of her aspiration. (I forgot to takes screen-captures of it, sorry!) Now on the second level her aspirations are to Find 10 Things Beach Combing and Grill, BBQ, or Roast 5 Foods. Since she now has §6,865 in funds so I bought a mid-level outdoor grill to help with the second of those goals and she immediately set about grilling her first meal (grilled fruit). These aspiration goals should be easy to achieve.

Maia later hired an agent to help her sell her painting for higher amounts and continued to paint and sell to collectors for fame and fortune. She eventually earned enough fame to become a 2-Star Celebrity or Rising Star. I had her use her fame points for CelebuSerum (she gets a variety of serums in the mail to help her boost skills and moods) and Cooperate Partnership (getting opportunities to do social media ads for money). She also developed her first Fame Quirk, the Refined Palate which means that any food less than “excellent” will give her a negative moodlet while excellent or better food will give her a positive moodlet. We’ll see how this goes!

The next day Maia gets a promotion at work and must now choose a career branch! The choices are Master of the Real (being an artist and getting appreciated for her talent) or Patron of the Arts (being an art critic, I think). I chose the former since she is first and foremost an artist not a critic and her job title is now Artist En Residence. She received two career reward objects too; Vase of Sunflowers and Artiste Supply Taboret. She now needs to continue painting and achieve Logic Skill Level 2.

When she got back to painting she painted this, uh, masterpiece. Well, the game calls it a masterpiece and it sold for over §1,000 so what do I know?


Maia next went off to the beach where there is a chess table to increase that Logic Skill. After playing for a while and achieving Skill Level 2, she grilled some hamburgers and did some beachcombing to satisfy her aspirations. While beachcombing she found a rare Heart of Sulani! There aren’t too many collectables in Sims 4 that I’ve seen so far so getting this was pretty cool. She now displays it in her house rather than selling such a rare find.

While still at the beach, Maia met a new single guy named Rangi Turei and, before I could stop her, they started flirting. Unfortunately for Maia her fiance, Derumk, was nearby and saw the whole thing. He was furious with her and the engagement was called off after a lot of arguing. They’re barely even friends now. Poor Maia. Well, maybe she can get together later with Rangi?


Although she was still angry herself, Maia was asked out on a date by Rangi and I sent her on it. They really hit it off and soon had their first kiss! The date was very successful but only in the last hour of it. Before that Maia was so angry that she didn’t feel like flirting. It took a while for her to calm down and get both happy and flirty. I think Maia will be seeing more of Rangi as time goes by!

While she was on her date and still very angry, I was just clicking on random things trying to find something to change her mood when I clicked on this bush and saw the option for “Take an angry poop”. That is hilarious!! I’m still laughing about it. I just wasn’t expecting to see that. I’m almost sorry I didn’t click to do so just so I could see if the animation was any different.


Since it is now Maia’s birthday and she has the day off from work, I had Maia throw a birthday party for herself. She first had to bake her own cake then add candles to it because apparently you can’t just buy one like in Sims 3. The party was a total success and she maxed out her romance meter with Rangi and he proposed!! Now Maia is a full adult and engaged to be married (for the second time, lol). Here’s hoping for a happy adulthood!

Now it is time for Winterfest (a.k.a. Sims Xmas). Maia bought a holiday tree and some decorations then invited Rangi over to help her decorate said tree and open presents. They also ate the grand feast that Maia had prepared (roast turkey). It was a very successful holiday although the “gifts” Maia got were mostly random crap that I sold for simoleons. She then went back to painting before going to bed and achieved Painting Skill Level 9

After that it was New Year’s Eve. It was a success but rather uneventful to be honest. Oh well. 


I again tried to summon some mermaids by blowing a conch shell (always worked in Sims 3!) but nothing. I’m beginning to think there are no mermaids in this game!! I’ll keep trying and asking random people if they’re a mermaid. Since Maia has over §10,000 in funds, I had her buy herself an Aqua Zip Jet Ski to play with and maybe explore more of the island. Still no mermaids though.

That’s all for today. Maia celebrated some holidays, became more famous, experienced some angry heartache but recovered with a new love, and more. Tomorrow, Maia will take the plunge and get married to Rangi (hey, she’s not getting any younger). See you then!