Welcome to Day 2 of my Sims 4 Story! To see the first entry, click here or to see the page for all Sims Stories, click here. Now onto the simming shenanigans!

I sent Maia for a swim to gain fitness skill and satisfy her Child Of the Ocean trait for bonus happiness moodlets. She finally saw a dolphin but the dolphin decided it didn’t like her and swam away. Phooey. Later, Maia went on her house’s back deck and did some sunbathing to fulfill that “get a suntan” aspiration goal. I almost forgot to apply sun protection (which would have resulted in a sunburn) but managed to do so in time. Suntan accomplished and that’s two of her first three aspiration goals!


The third of her Beach Life aspirations is to throw a Gold Level Kava Party. I attempted to throw a kava party at her house but at first I thought no one was going to show up but then I realized they were all stuck at the edge of the lot and unable to get close enough to the house to count in the party. I couldn’t even bring the kava bowl to them! So I ended up with a Bronze level party and failed to fulfill the goal yet.

career reward

After gaining Level 7 Painting Skill, Maia went back to work and was not only promoted to Canvas Creator but received a new career object; a canvas rack that gives inspiration! I like that there are a ton of career objects throughout the careers in the Sims 4. In the Sims 3, you normally only got a reward object at the final tier of any given career. 

The next morning something weird happened while she was eating breakfast. Normally I like how in the Sims 4 you can do multiple actions at once. What happened next though… She took her plate of food into the bathroom (yuck) and started brushing her teeth while still eating her food. That is not only weird but also counterproductive when you think about it. LOL

brushing weirdness

I tried to throw another kava party to satisfy that aspiration goal this time at the local beach bar. I still failed to get the gold but did get silver this time. My silver reward was some uncommon and rare seashells. At least she didn’t come out of it empty handed!

On another note, Maia has been very unsuccessful at love and flirting. So far just about every male she’s come in contact with has been either married and/or gay. Poor thing just can’t get lucky!

first fishing trip

To get our minds off the unsuccessful party, I sent Maia to go fishing for the first time. Unlike in Sims 3 where you can go fishing almost everywhere on the map (lots of fishing hotspots!) there is only one designated fishing zone (that I’ve found) in Sims 4’s Sulani. It was a successful fishing trip in that she caught two fish including a tuna and got to Fishing Skill Level 2. Now she can make some fish dinner dishes!

Game Tip: Don’t leave live fish in your inventory for an extended period of time. They became foul in her inventory and I had to get rid of them! At least now I know for next time. 

first ever kiss

While visiting the local beach, Maia finally met a male Sim who is single! His name is Derumk Akana and after a series of flirting interactions, they had their first kiss! Then, without any prompting from me, they immediately ran back to Maia’s house and had sex. I guess they just couldn’t wait any longer. LOL After that, he suddenly left and Maia was left satisfied and very happy so no complaints. 

The next day, Maia and Derumk went to the Romance Festival. Maia apparently has the same trouble with chopsticks that I do and ends up just stabbing her food with them in frustration, again just like I do! She also bought some swag and a festival shirt which she then put on. It’s so pretty with those cherry blossoms! Actually, the whole festival is pretty and fun. If you get the chance to go, even if your Sim is alone, go to it!

chopsticks trouble

After a ton of romantic interactions and some sakura tea, Maia and Derumk are now engaged! We get to plan a wedding now! I wasn’t really sure these two were completely compatible but I will trust my Sim’s judgement, for now. There’s no rush to get married so it will be a few days. I wonder if you can have bachelorette parties in Sims 4?? I guess I’ll soon be finding out!

Later I noticed that Maia is getting a little, uh, thick. I guess it’s a lot easier to gain weight in Sims 4 than Sims 3 as I never had a character gain weight in the latter because I only have them eat when hungry. Odd. To get her back in shape for the upcoming wedding, I bought her a treadmill and had her immediately start working out on it. She fell off of it several times but gained her first two Fitness Skill Points. It also happens to be Rebate Day and so I got 10% of the purchase price of the treadmill back later that day!


That’s all for today. Tomorrow I will make my third and final try at a Kava Party and continue her journey as a professional painter. She may also get married! Still haven’t met any mermaids yet. I’m beginning to think they aren’t even in the damn game!! It’s still fun though. I’ll try interacting with the cute dolphins again too. Oh, I haven’t noticed any sharks yet but maybe they are only around for divers? I think my next Sim will be a diver to find out!

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow for another installment of this Sims Story!