Welcome to the Sims 4, my newest obsession. I only acquired the game a couple weeks ago and even then have only a few hours of gameplay down. On the day of its release I got the latest expansion pack, Island Living, and started a new game that I am going to share with you here. I currently own all the expansion, stuff, and other packs so I can have the full and complete Sims 4 experience.

NOTE: For added realism, and for shits and giggles, I installed the WickedWhims mod. It’s currently the only mod I have installed and it is a doozy. It introduces several new game elements (not all of them are naughty but most are). While I won’t be posting any screenshots of sexual activity here on this blog, I will at least tell you about their funnier hijinks in simple text. 🙂 If you would like to use the mod in your own game, just use your favorite search engine and the keywords “WickedWhims”. 

Now onto the game!

May I introduce to you, Maia Piper, seen at right. She’s a single young adult with the following traits: Child of the Ocean (to help enjoy the new game mechanics available in Island Living), Creative (she’s going to be an artist), Art Lover (goes well with being an artist), and Home Turf which came with her first aspiration. Her first aspiration will be Beach Life to explore and have fun with this new Island Living expansion pack. 

I usually give my new Sims a pet such as a little dog but I want to make Maia get out and socialize with other people so she will be a household of one for now. 


I added her to the new Sim world of Sulani in Spring time and chose the starter house called Lagoon Look which I let it be furnished. She needed a few extra pieces of furniture including an easel for practicing her painting skills and a computer for random stuff plus I sold the bathtub and bought a shower instead. She now has §594 in funds. Since she’ll be needing more simoleons down the line, it’s time to get her a job already. I chose the Painter career since she’s to be an artist and has the appropriate traits. I also added the following traits to her home lot: Home Studio, Natural Light, and Sunny Aspect.

I thought about visiting the ocean right away but then I remembered that a welcoming committee from the neighborhood should be visiting her house soon so I had her stick around for that. In the other neighborhoods that I’ve played previously, the new neighbors bring over a yucky fruitcake. In Sulani they bring over a bowl of Kava drink which is way, way better. Unfortunately, the welcome party members waited quite a while before setting down the bowl. I thought a bug would keep them from setting it down at all but thankfully it eventually worked and my Sim got her fix of happiness inducing Kava!

I found out that Maia has the Everyman archetype and she made her first friend, Lia Hauata


After the welcoming committee left, I locked the front and back doors to keep random people from walking into her house. (Learned that lesson from an earlier playthrough.) I then sent Maia to the little kiosk where beach supplies are sold from.  She purchased a coconut, a beach towel, and a lounge chair. The coconut is important because eating it will fill her first aspiration goal. I’ll use the other two items to gain the next aspiration goal which is get a sun tan. It’s too late in the day to worry about the suntan for now. That will have to wait another day. The third aspiration goal is to throw a Kava Party. I’ll wait until Maia’s first day off from work to do that.

In regards to that early mentioned mod, I had her buy one box of birth control pills to prevent periods and pregnancy. It wasn’t cheap (§140!) but worth it if it she autonomously starts doing naughty things. LOL

With that sorted for now, I set Maia to painting to increase her skill and earn both some money and a few fame points. Her first painting sold for only §53 but subsequent paintings increased in value. By the time the day was done, thanks to becoming “Inspired”, Maia achieved Painting Skill Level 3. (It sure seems like skills are acquired much more quickly in Sims 4 than in Sims 3.) After that, I sent Maia off to get some sleep.

Before she fell asleep, she got a text message from a vampire welcoming her to the neighborhood. During the night, that vampire came by her house, probably for a bite, but couldn’t get in due to the doors being locked. Yay for being proactive!


The next day Maia went to work and, after coming home with a §168 paycheck, she resumed painting on the easel. She apparently went 24 hours without a single social interaction and the game told me she was now an Introvert... whatever that means. Thanks to her being an Art Lover, I have her admire each painting after she finishes it for both inspiration and fun motive gain. Then she sells them for money and fame points. She eventually earned 1 fame point and chose the Noticeable fame reward. A day later, she received a promotion at work to Art Book Collator which is the level 2 of that career. I was going to go to a festival but then my game crashed. 🙁

Well, that’s it for Day 1 of my Sims 4 story. Not a lot happened today but I did get all the basics down. Turn in tomorrow for Day 2! I plan on throwing that Kava party and playing with dolphins plus might meet a mermaid. Who knows? Tune in and find out!