Welcome back! It’s now Day 4 of playing the Sims 3 with my character Abbey Rose and her little dog Mocha. Today, Abbey traveled to Egypt or, to be more precise, Al Simhara. There are pyramids, a Sphnix, Abu Simbel, and the Temple of Hatshepsut all waiting for my Sim to plunder! I love Ancient Egypt (IRL) and Al Simhara is both beautiful and fun. Let’s dive in, shall we?

After a fortuitus previous day, Abbey is now in Egypt for the first time. There are more tombs here, and mummies and traps, than anywhere else. I can hardly wait to explore and raid them all! We have to be mindful of the mummies though. If caught by one, they can leave Abbey with a deadly curse. Luckily, there’s a little thing called Mummy Snacks that will keep them at bay if she’s attacked. I’ll be sure to have Abbey stock up on them before she heads into the tombs. I also had her brew several mood and energy enhancing elixirs before leaving Sunlit Tides. She should be well prepared for her first Egyptian Adventures.

The very first adventure in Egypt is a long one that sends Abbey to three different pyramids plus a couple other minor tombs. For the most part, and with the help of the elixirs, she gets through them with no problem. I messed up and overlooked an electricity trap in one tomb so Abbey got singed. Thankfully I had her stock up on “Shower in a Can” before leaving the marketplace. One can and she’s back to normal. She did encounter a few mummies but was only attacked once and the mummy gladly took one of her “Mummy Snacks” instead of her life. I’m certainly glad of that given how much I have invested in this character!

She collected enough gold coins and got to the second visa level so she was able to purchase “Tear of Horus” from the special vendor. This, when activated, shows every tomb and excavation spot on the map. I sent Abbey to excavate a few spots while scouring the map for mummitonium that was required to further the adventure. It took two days of my six day total to track down that damn mummitonium. Sadly, that meant that by the time she got to the Pyramid of the Desert Ocean, it was time to go home. I literally got halfway through the pyramid when suddenly the clock ran out.

Unlike in China, I only got to Visa Level 2 in Egypt on my first trip. That’s okay, I’ll just come back for a second trip as soon as Abbey is able!

Welcome to Egypt

Abbey arrives at the Egyptian base camp, ready for adventure.


Now this is a little closer to what archaeology should look like. Still, the being able to keep what you find makes it unrealistic but hey, it’s still close!

Elixir Enhanced

This time Abbey came prepared with elixirs to keep her happy and awake while adventuring.

Mummy Attack!

Look out, Abbey, he’s right behind you! You don’t want to be left with a deadly Mummy’s Curse.

Got Torched

I didn’t see this electricity trap until it was too late. Thank goodness for Shower in a Can!

Halfway Through

Only halfway through the Pyramid of the Desert Ocean when it was time to go home. Phooey.

While in Egypt on that first trip, I had Abbey check out the local relic merchant to see what was in stock (stock changes daily). To my great shock and joy there was raw, uncut Tiberium in the store! Tiberium is a very special and rare rock in this game. Raw and uncut, it’s relatively cheap at §115. Once cut into a spire, it becomes worth around §6,000 – §8,000. Don’t sell it yet though! Give that little spire time and it will grow into Large Spire Cut Tiberium which can be worth close to §50,000. Abbey has hit the jackpot!

She also found 3 of 5 Canopic Jars, all 4 Gold Figurines, 2 Dropa Stones, and 22 Common Relics. The Common Relics totaled §4,091 in inventory but I know now to sell them at the consignment shop. If my math is correct, I made around §10,000 on those Common Relics minus minimal consignment fees.

Found Tiberium

What a lucky find! It’s raw Tiberium at the Relic Shop in Egypt. I just hit the jackpot!

Look at this Tiberium

The Tiberium has grown to full size and is now worth §43,746! We’re rich!

Upon returning home, I started a rare gem collection. So far, all the gems I have collected are uncut. I’m waiting until Abbey unlocks the “Brilliant Cut” to cut all the gems. I’ll show you a screenshot of the collection once they’re cut.

While doing a radiation experiment at her Science Station, Abbey managed to turn a Lady Bug into a Plasma Bug! Plasma Bugs are worth §3,400 in inventory but I sold it to the science center (where Abbey works) for §5,309! Things are really looking up financially for Abbey. First the space rock then the inheritance then the Tiberium and now a Plasma Bug. Before selling the bug, I scanned it a few times so that once Abbey has Level 9 Science Skill, she’ll be able to clone them! I just have to make sure nothing happens to my samples until then. She’s collecting all the bugs she can find in the wild as well. Most bugs are usable in the alchemy elixirs plus some of them (the rare ones) can be sold for a nice price.

I used more of Abbey’s Lifetime Reward Points (LRP) to buy a new Lifetime Reward (LTR) which upgraded her from flying on a broom to flying on a vacuum cleaner. I kid you not, look at the pic. You’ll never guess what it’s called. “The MegaThruster Vacuum Cleaner”. Someone at Maxis has a great sense of humor.

Plasma Bug

Abbey has created a lucrative Plasma Bug! It’s the rarest and most expensive bug she has yet encountered.

Riding the Megathruster Vacuum

Yes, that’s really what it’s called in the game. It glows and makes a soft vacuum cleaner noise as you fly it.

With her new bounty of simoleons, and because things are getting crowded in her current little house what with all these relics and such she’s finding and keeping, I have decided to build her a bigger house. This new house will have a gardening station (I couldn’t fit one in on the previous home lot) plus a basement, gym, alchemy and science room, two bedrooms, three or four baths, a pool for pool parties, and more. Somehow I managed to keep the cost under §200,000 and she was able to move in as soon as I packed up everything from her old house.

This new house, like the previous one, emphasizes function over form. I forgot to take screenshots of it so I’ll do that next time. Still, it’s not much to look at. It is definitely roomy though. I built it on a 40×40 lot whereas she was previously on a 25×25 lot.


Back to Egypt

Abbey returned to Egypt for a second trip and finished leveling up her visa. She visited all pyramids and Abu Simbel. All that’s left is Hatshepsut’s Temple and the Sphinx plus some more minor tombs. She now has 3,632 gold coins after spending several and 2 of the 4 Dangerous Creatures collection of artifacts. She found the Eyes of Horus in Abu Simbel and 34 common relics totaling §6,331. Upon returning home she had the wish to be worth over §300,000 and that was achieved once I sold all those common relics at the consignment store plus some duplicate rare relics and precious gems.

Another day is now over. Tomorrow I will send Abbey to France. That is the third and final place where she will need to achieve a level 3 visa before completing her Lifetime Wish. She’ll also spend more time getting to know people in Sunlit Tides and maybe throw a party for the upcoming Snowflake Day. We shall see. See you next time!