It’s now time to send Abbey to University! She is studying Science & Medicine and, thanks to a handy mod and the assessment test, will be taking two classes for one term to complete her degree. I moved her into the De Andra Hall dormatory because it was free and I’m thinking with all those other students around, I’ll have no trouble satisfying her social needs. (Me, not have trouble with something social-related? LOL)

Speaking of satisfying needs, I had a lot of trouble with that during her tenure at University even though she only had two classes. I swear, she almost starved to death on a couple of occasions while also being exhausted, lonely, and about to piss herself. On the bright side, she ended up “Passing with Flying Colors” and got an A. So I guess it was worth the torturous existence there for a while?

There are a few things that can be done to help student Sims avoid such travesties. First, go to one of the vacation worlds and pick up lots of dried food morsels and Showers in a Can. These will be great hacks to quickly satisfy hunger and hygiene needs. Another possibility is stocking up on certain alchemy elixirs before attending. Those that enhance mood and energy are essential to avoiding things like I encountered. There’s also the Chemistry Table that can make a great Sleep Potion that allows you to get a full night’s rest in only a few hours. I of course didn’t think to do any of this before it was too late. Oh well, there’s always next time!

And you thought I was joking!

She Rides a Broom to CLass

And you thought I was joking!

Remember how I said there were many strategic reasons for going to University? Well, let’s talk about that now. First and foremost, if you graduate with a degree, you’ll get to pick a sixth trait! Next, you’ll start your related career at the third or fourth level with the highest possible salary depending on your final grade. (This makes it all the more important to study constantly and get an A.) The third great reason is one a lot of players don’t know about. You can get a ton of free money by going to University without cheating! Just go to the Administration building once every 24 hours and “Apply for Extra Funds”. You’ll get up to §5,000 a day depending on your current grade or “Academic Progress”. When Abbey came to University she had about §1,000. Upon leaving University she ended up with §23,000 in spending money. I’d say those are some pretty good reasons to take out a week or two and go to University, don’t you think?

Extra Funds 1

Go here, to the Admin building.

Extra Funds 2

Click on the building and select Apply for Extra funds once every 24 hours.

Despite a glitch that made no professor appear at the podium for Abbey’s lecture class (see pics), and all the trouble I had meeting her basic needs, she did end up finishing the term with an A and enough credits to graduate with her Science & Medicine degree. (I almost missed graduation because there were too many Sims at the doors waiting to get in. I’ll have to look and see if anyone has created a mod or workaround for that.)

When it came time to pick Abbey’s new trait, I decided on Gatherer. Gather goes hand in hand with Green Thumb and will greatly aid Abbey in collecting ingredients for her alchemy elixirs. If I hadn’t chose Gatherer I would have went with Ambitious since that adds 15% to the amount of points you earn from accomplishing wishes.


As you can see, there’s no speaker so what are they taking notes from and to whom are they asking questions?

Yay, Science!

At least the school has a handy and free science lab so I can continue building those Science skills while trying to create a Plasma bug.

Got an A!

While still in her jammies, Abbey got her report card. Also, I wish she wasn’t the only one in the dorm that knows how to clean the damn place up once in a while!

Upon returning home, I had Abbey upload her resume and take the Science job at Level 4 with a salary of §290 an hour. With all that new extra cash, I also built a new house for her and she moved into it. It’s kind of a crappy house (I’m no architect and I was going for function over form) but it works. I screwed up creating the garden spot as it’s too narrow for the Gardening Station. Oh well, she’ll just have to water her own damn plants. She now has plenty of room for hobby equipment and better furniture including what I swiped from the dorm right before she left University. (Hey, they allow us to go into Buy/Build mode at the dorm so I took advantage of that and put some furniture in my Family Inventory before leaving. It’s not cheating, it’s taking advantage of a design oversight. :D)

New House Interior

It’s very basic but functional with room to grow.

New House Exterior

I know it looks very boring but I’ll add to it later and try to fix it up.

New Job!

Abbey took the Science Job and will start at Level 4 with an extra hefty salary.

That’s enough for today. Tomorrow she’ll start her new job and then go out on the town to try and meet some new friends as she currently only really has Mocha (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I wonder what other surprises lay in store for Abbey and Mocha? Tune in tomorrow to find out. Same Sim Time. Same Sim Channel!