And now Day 3 of the life of Abbey Rose in The Sims 3. Are you following along? Are you bored or is this the least bit interesting? I think it’s fun. I’m having fun doing it. So, this will continue. 😀 Read on to see what all happened today from a miraculous find to her first foreign trip.

Remember how I said I was teaching Mocha to hunt so he could track down collectables for Abbey’s elixirs? Well today he found a Gigantic Space Rock worth §34,000 which is fantastic because they were down to less than §4,000 spending cash. I was so excited that I sold it immediately. Had I been smart about it, I would have taken it to the consignment shop and got even more money out of it but oh well.

With the new influx of cash, I added more to the house, bought a share of Pleasant Pages Bookstore (my first taste of real estate), and will now take the first trip abroad. We’re going to China! Shang Simla to be exact.

Space Rock

The Gigantic Space Rock

See? It really IS gigantic! That’s §34,000 worth of cosmic rock right there.

Thanks to the “Prepared Traveler” Lifetime Reward (I believe it’s 10,000 points), instead of only staying 3 days for her first trip, Abbey will be staying for 6 days. This will really help to get a high visa level on the first trip. After arriving, I decided she needed more appropriate clothing so we took a quick trip to the nearest dresser to plan an adventurer’s outfit for her. I would add a hat but I couldn’t find one that I really liked. She looks the part now and that’s what matters.

With the very first adventure, an easy introductory exercise, Abbey quickly achieves her first visa level. The second adventure she took on, to the Dragon Cave, got her to a Level 2 visa. To my great shock when she checked the board for a third adventure she got “Confounding Boulder” which is exactly the one I wanted. It’s how you get Pangyu’s Axe which is an essential tool for all tomb raiders. It smashes boulders! There are boulders all over the world that need smashing and now she can SMASH. You can also smash instantly through rubble piles instead of slowing chipping away at them with a puny pick-axe. By the time she finished the adventure and had the axe in hand, she was at visa level 3!

I’ve played these adventures before and it usually takes two or three trips to accomplish a full level 3 visa and to get the Pangyu’s Axe. I can’t believe I managed to get everything on this first trip! She also found a total of 1,977 gold coins and 9 common artifacts totaling §3,001 plus 2 rare artifacts from the Zodiac and Chinese Vases collections respectively.

This was a great trip! Before leaving she bought all the unique recipes and fishing books plus training gear to later learn the martial arts (known in the game as “Sim Fu”). I played right down to the clock and it was worth every moment.

Welcome to China

Abbey Rose arrives in China for her very first trip abroad!

Abbey is Brave

Only a Brave Sim can just wipe away the bugs. Any other would scream in terror and refuse to stick their hands in mysterious holes.

Adventure Gear

She needs to look the part, does she not?

Looking for Adventure

She’s searching the board to find her very first adventure in China!

Upon returning home, Abbey had an abundance of LTR points to spend so one of the rewards I purchased was Savvy Seller. This will boost the prices of whatever she sells at the consignment stores. I then took the aforementioned §3,000 of artifacts to the consignment store and listed them for sale. If my math is correct and minus consignment fees of roughly §200, she made §5,443 selling via the consignment store! I made an extra §2,000 selling at the consignment store instead of selling directly from inventory like so many times before. This was a great idea and how I’ll play from now on!

I also took the “Attractive” Lifetime Reward. This causes everyone she meets to instantly become her friend. It’s a time-saving shortcut for all those adventures which require you to befriend someone before continuing. Since this cancelled out my “Friendly” trait, I used a cheat to edit Abbey’s traits. I took out Friendly and replaced it with Angler. With Angler she’ll be able to learn the fishing skill quickly and enjoy it more. Fishing is required for her job at the science center, several adventures, and if I ever want to cook up some Ambrosia later in her life.

Before the day was over, I added several more empty houses to the town because I kept getting messages about there not being enough housing for the Townies. Thank you NRaas Story Progression for being such a fantastic and fascinating mod!

While I was in the Edit Town mode, I also added a new, special family of Townies known as the Beatles. Yes, that’s right. John, Paul, George, and Ringo are now a part of Sunlit Tides and Abbey Rose’s life. How cool is that?


The Beatles

Yes, I really did it. I think the resemblances are remarkable. Not identical, of course, but you can definitely tell who is who if you’re as familiar with them as I am. I can hardly wait to see what they get up to in Sunlit Tides!

At home, Abbey continues to build her main skills (alchemy, science, gardening, and the all-important cooking) while bonding with her faithful little dog Mocha. Speaking of Mocha, he is now a Level 9 Hunter! He’s found all sorts of things for Abbey in addition to that aforementioned gigantic space rock. They make for quite the successful pair. Not that they are the only two Sims in town. Time for Abbey to start leaving the house more often and meet new people!

I sent Abbey to the library to look at skill books and that’s where she met The Doctor. (I was going to call him John Smith since that’s what he goes by in the show when he needs a human name but I already have a “John” in town so I named him Scott Smith. Keep that in mind. He’ll be appearing more often in this story, I’m sure.) They chatted for a bit and got to know each other a little better before a little harmless flirting took place. I think these two are going to be very good friends. 😀

Abbey and Mocha

This looks so damn familiar to me!

Mixing Elixirs

Abbey is practicing her alchemy skills and mixing up a batch of new elixirs to prepare for her next trip abroad.

Magic Broom Upgrade

With all the new fortune and glory, Abbey purchased an upgraded magical broom to fly on.

Abbey Meets The Doctor

Abbey has met a new friend. Will they become more than friends? They certainly do like to flirt!

Bonding with Mocha

Mocha is such a sweet, smart little dog well deserving of Abbey’s love.

Right before I was going to shut down for the day, I saw a message that Abbey’s best friend from work, Eleanor, (also known as her boss at Serpentine Labs) was getting very old, frail, and alone. Next thing I know, Abbey has received a 31,000 inheritance from the now deceased Eleanor. Abbey is now, definitely, financially secure with close to §75,000 in spending cash. I think there’s no need to wait now; next time you see Abbey, she will be in Egypt!

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow!