Art is never finished, only abandoned. ~Leonardo da Vinci

If you’ve ever visited my art gallery website, Dream 9 Studios, you may notice there are several artworks that are a “redux” of an older work. So to begin, what exactly is a “redux” and what does the word mean?

ReduxAdjective. Meaning brought back; revived. In Latin, redux (from the verb reducere, meaning “to lead back”) can mean “brought back” or “bringing back.”
“Forbidden” by Lizzie Prusaczyk. 2013.

In terms of my art, it is an older artwork of mine which I have revived into a new artwork that is superior to its predecessor(s). For instance, I created an artwork called “We Shouldn’t”. It was an original idea of mine but my skill at that time (2009) was sub-par for various reasons. In 2013, I revived the idea of “We Shouldn’t” which was a scene from the Camelot stories about the forbidden love affair between Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, and created a brand new artwork using that same idea. I called the new artwork “Forbidden”. I’m actually considering another redux of it to fix a few little problems I’ve noticed in it since 2013.

I often create brand new artworks too it’s just that I can’t let go of a good (or occasionally, really good) idea. Redux artworks are usually artworks that I originally favored but as I continued to look at them, I start to notice flaw after flaw. In addition to that, my skills continue to improve and technology advances each year. I can do things now in 2017 that I could never dream of achieving back in 2009 or earlier. (I first started using 3D digital art programs in 1999 but my first presentable artwork was published in 2003.)

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it. ~Salvador Dali

Of course, every time I “redux” an artwork I think “now it’s done, it’s perfect”. Then the process of looking at it again later, time after time, and noticing its flaws begins again. And so, I study the redux artwork to figure out what I need to do to fix it and make it perfectagain. Perfection never happens so that’s why there are multiple redux versions of certain artworks in my gallery and there will probably be even more in the future.

On my Dream 9 Studios website, I’ll be creating a new feature called the Redux Gallery where I will feature all of my redux artworks. You’ll be able to see the old versions of each redux artwork plus what I had to fix in each redux version and why. I myself find it interesting, great examples of how my art has evolved over time, and I hope you’ll find it interesting too.

Here are a few examples of my redux artworks.

The artwork on the left was created in 2015 is my second redux of an artwork originally from 2011. The artwork on the right is the final redux created in 2016. What a difference a year can make! Both artworks are entitled Dreams of Summer.

On the left is my original artwork from 2011 while on the right you can see the final redux from 2017 of Nightclub Noir.

On the left is my original entitled “We Shouldn’t” from 2009. On the right is my latest redux from 2013 now entitled Forbidden.