Project Mass Effect is the name of my latest art project which is a series of one-shot fan art 3D renders based on all three of the original Mass Effect games and maybe Mass Effect Andromeda later on. All of the art will be rendered with Poser 11 Pro and postworked in Photoshop CC. The project will feature artworks inspired by specific scenes in the games and scenes from my imagination inspired by the games.

I have ideas for several artworks sketched out and have collected most of the models that I’ll be needing. Unfortunately I’m stuck on the most important part, creating my own Commander Shepard. My main problem is not being able to find/create armor that is close enough to the game. I think I’ll just have to settle for the armor model you see in my preview render above though I’ll rework it’s textures to be more N7-ish. I also need to figure out exactly how to render her omni-tool (I’ve got some ideas on that, just need to test them out) and how to postwork biotic effects. I just need to do a lot more test renders to figure everything out before I’m ready to start creating the actual artworks.

As for all of the other Mass Effect characters, I have most of the ones that I will need for my current ideas thanks to the amazing modelers/creators over at Forender and Freedom of Art. The only characters that I’m missing (that I need for my ideas) are Joker and David Anderson. I’ll just have to hold off on my those particular artwork ideas until they are (I hope) created. I also have several ships, props, and other models from the above mentioned sources and various other sources. Some look exactly like the game models and others are just reminiscent enough that they suit my purposes. I’ve spent a long time looking for and collecting these models to prepare for this project and I’m still collecting. Many of them cost money, real money. If you would like to help out so I can create even more artworks for this project, I do accept donations for my art projects.

For now I am typing up all the ideas from my notebook and will print them out for ease of use. Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin working on all those test renders I mentioned and finalize my Commander Shepard model. Once all that pre-production work is complete, I’ll be able to start working on the first artworks of the project. I haven’t decided on which of my ideas to start with. I’ll just have to figure that out as I go.

Although I’ve played it several times since its release (I pre-ordered it thanks to my generous aunt), I haven’t sketched out any ideas yet for Mass Effect Andromeda. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but I just haven’t gotten around to coming up with good ideas yet. That said, Forender and Freedom of Art have released several models related to ME Andromeda so I do have a few things to work with so far. We shall see!