Now that I have the bulk of my Pops reorganized, it’s now time to work on the slightly messier side of things. Namely, I’m going to cover my foam block risers with cloth plus fix a few broken and otherwise in need of it Pops.

First off, as mentioned in this post, I tried fixing my Wasp Chase Pop by first putting weights inside her head and then trying to bend the neck spring into a better position. Although both things helped, neither actually fixed the problem. I ended up using some of my museum wax to stick the back of her heavy ponytail onto the riser directly behind her. That actually worked! See in the pic below. Also seen below are two more Pops I need to figure out fixes for, Princess Leia Holo and Jessica Jones which are both “back-of-the-head heavy”. LOL, I just noticed my Wasp Pocket Pop as seen in the photo below is standing on a single foot!

Fixed Wasp with other Pops
Other Pops that Need Fixing

I decided to try and fix those two Pops the same way I fixed the Wasp Chase Pop, by using my museum wax on the back of their heads and attaching them to the wall behind them. It worked! It worked so well in fact, I decided to try it on two non-bobble-head Pops that are leaning heavily; my two Sara Ryder Pops. It sorta worked. I’m going to try the older trick of boiling the bodies, then straightening them out a bit, and then I’ll use this new trick with the museum wax to hold them in place. Maybe that will keep them from leaning more in the future? Only time will tell for certain. I’ll probably try using the near boiling water trick on the two Sara Ryder Pops as soon as I finish this blog entry.

Fixed Jessica
Fixed? Sara Ryder Pops

As I mentioned the other day, I needed to move all of my empty Pop boxes from the top of my bookshelf where I keep my Star Wars Pops to the empty space in my old entertainment center. I couldn’t sleep the other night so I got up and finally moved all the boxes. I was actually a little surprised that they all fit but there isn’t much room for new boxes. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the boxes of any new Pops I get in the future! I guess I’ll just have to figure that out when I get to that point.

I spent most of the day yesterday working on the risers for my Pops. I had four new risers that needed to be covered with cloth. (I wrote about the process of creating my risers in this post.) Although it took most of the day between actual work and waiting for them to dry, I managed to finish all four risers. So far only the two for my Movies & TV Pops have dried enough to put the Pops back on them. I’m now waiting for the two risers for my DC Heroes Pops to dry so I can re-display those. You can see the two finished risers for the DC Pops below.

Covering Risers
Finished Small Riser
Finished Large Riser
marvel_iw bruce banner

I’m still considering whether or not to try repainting  my Infinity War Bruce Banner Pop. I just need to be a little more confident in my painting abilities since the “trick” will be fading the green into the skin tone. I may get some cheap canvas and practice fading colors before I try painting in the actual Pop. First though, I need to figure out where I put all my acrylic paints… I’ll keep you posted on any progress I may make on this particular project.

After a few days of trying and almost constant reloads of the product page, I finally managed to snag one of the elusive Captain Marvel Walmart Exclusive Pops that glows in the dark. When I finally saw the words “in stock”, I nearly had an anxiety attack as I hoped I could checkout before the Pop sold out again. I am so happy I managed to get one without having to pay a flipper! Now to find the perfect spot on my Marvel Pops shelves for it.

marvel_captain marvel glowing
New Star Wars Pops

I just saw on several of my Facebook groups that a new wave of Star Wars Pops is coming out very soon; some may already be in stores. I posted the clearest picture I could find of all six Pops from the back of one of the new boxes. I’m looking forward most to getting the Lando and Emperor Pops since I don’t have Pops of either in my collection. On a side note, I noticed that the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story came out on Netflix today. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m going to watch it next after I finish my umpteenth viewing of Thor Ragnarok.

Before I close this entry, I want to mention that I have updated the For Sale page with a new Pop for sale and marked out a few that I have sold. While I was at it, I also updated the In Search Of page. I also updated the My Collection posts with four or five new Pops that I’ve acquired. Remember, if you have questions about my collection, collecting Pops, terms used, etc. then check out my Funko Pop FAQs.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you next time with a new post about… who knows? Tune in to find out! Thanks for viewing!