It’s a new year and there are new Pops coming out which means I need to make room for those new Pops in my collection which is filling up quickly in spite of the fact that I only buy one or two every once in a while. (It all adds up!) The shelves where I display my Marvel MCU Pops, for instance, is completely full yet I have a couple more MCU Pops on the way and there will be more released for all the Marvel movies that are coming out this year. So I am now analyzing all my displays and deciding how to go about making room for everything while keeping everything properly displayed.

Stupid me forgot to take “before” photos right before I started to move all my Pops around so I had to find older photos to use as my “before” photos so keep that in mind. The “after” photos are of course new.

marvel gaming pops

I began my reorganization by moving all of my Gaming Pops from the top shelf as seen in the “before” photo at left. (More on where I moved them later.) That freed up three new rows of space for my Marvel Pops. I moved my Guardians of the Galaxy Pops to the top along with my Pops from Thor Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Spider-Man: Homecoming all to that top shelf. On the second shelf, I moved the Civil War Pops around a bit and put one of the Captain America’s next to Iron Man for reasons. I also moved the Star-Lord Chase down to where my Infinity War Pops are and put my only non-MCU Pop (Jessica Jones) off on a display by herself on the corner; it seemed appropriate.

I now have room for my soon to be arriving Pops including some Captain Marvel, more Thor Ragnarok, and a few others plus room for whatever Pops are released for Avengers: End Game! I should have room to spare for quite some time. If need be, I could always move that poster and add another short shelf or two to that wall. No need to do that just yet though. If I had the patience, I would take all the pops down and move that second and top shelf up a bit so the pops on the risers on the bottom most shelf have more room. Unfortunately, I do not have the required patience for that. If you’re wondering why I don’t just move the bottom shelf down some, there is a dresser below the bottom shelf so I can’t do that. (If you can see the little pieces of paper in the photo, those are placeholders for Pops I’ve ordered but haven’t arrived yet.)

Marvel MCU Pops
movies tv dc pops

The biggest part of this project is going to be cleaning and reorganizing my old entertainment center. I cleaned off the top and center of this thing last August but now I am going to clean out the glass cabinet and then I will either lower that middle shelf or I will put all my empty Pop boxes into the center of this thing. I also plan to cover all the foam block Pop risers with cloth like I did for all my other homemade risers. Once I get that glass cabinet cleaned out, I am going to move all my Gaming Pops to it. I meant to take a photo of the full entertainment center for my “Before” but I forgot to before I started clearing things out and moving things around. Needless to say, what you don’t see in the old “before” at left is just a lot of mess and empty space. 

I cleared out the top two shelves of my glass cabinet to make room for all of my Gaming Pops. I first thought I could fit them all on one shelf with risers but that turned out not to be possible. Now my Mass Effect Trilogy Pops (and the big Andromeda Pop) are on the top shelf and the rest of my Gaming Pops on the second shelf. I think they look really good here and the Mass Effect Trilogy Pops are my most valuable to they deserve to be in a glass cabinet. LOL As seen in the photo below, I haven’t had a chance to cover the newest risers yet. I’ll be doing that soon.

My Gaming Pops
Movies, TV, & Animation Pops

I had to buy several more foam blocks to build a few new risers for everything on the entertainment center. (If you want to know how I build my risers, see this post.) I have to build the risers on the very top extra tall because I learned the hard way that if I bump into the entertainment center, my Pops will fall backwards and it’s a real pain to fish them out from behind that thing. I decided to create a separate riser for the TV/Animation Pops and put it next to the riser for my Movie Pops on top of the entertainment center. I still need to cover all of the risers with cloth but I’ll be doing that another day sometime soon and will write about it/show you in my next part of this post.

The center shelf on my entertainment center is too high/close to the top to properly display more than one row of Pops on it. I decided to lower that shelf so I can better display all of my DC Heroes Pops on it. I asked my dad to bring drill bits home and then I proceed to lower the shelf by myself using only the drill, a marker, and my iPhone which has a level app. I succeeded in lowering the shelf by 5″ and even got it completely level! I’m so proud of myself! You can see the new display below.

entertainment center pops
before_star wars pops

What may be the easiest part of this big job is the Star Wars bookshelf. I use the top half of this bookshelf it store all my Star Wars Pops plus on the very top of the bookshelf is where I store roughly half of my empty Pop boxes. I plan to leave the Star Wars Pops there as-is but I am going to move all those empty Pop boxes so that the very top of the shelf will be free to house any Episode IX Pops I decide to buy once they are released. The big question is though, where do I move all those boxes? My current answer is to move them all to the center empty space in my entertainment center but there is less space now that I lowered that shelf so I’m not sure if they’ll all fit or not. We shall soon find out! I also still have six more foam blocks leftover so I may go ahead and build a riser to put on top of the bookshelf just so I’ll have it when i need it.

My Doctor Who Pops didn’t need any reorganization so I just let them be.

I had once told myself that I would cap my collection at 200 Pops. Well, I just bought my 205th Pop so there goes that. I looked through the entire collection while I was moving things about and there’s nothing I can bare to part with right now so now I’m going to arbitrarily say that I’ll now cap my collection at 300 Pops. LOL

Before I go, I updated most of the My Collection posts with new featured photos of each subset post of my collection. I also added five new Pops that arrived in the mail today to the Marvel, DC Heroes, and Movies & TV Pops posts. I sold two more Pops on eBay the other night and updated the For Sale page accordingly.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you next time with more!