I’m still trying to get all of my Pops organized and properly displayed. Today I’m building risers using florist foam blocks, white cloth, small crafts sticks, and Mod Podge. I’m also going to try my hand at a “custom” Pop, fix some Pops that continuously fall over, and more.

Pop Collecting

It’s been a good week for me as a Pop collector. I’ve sold 14 Pops on eBay plus 6 more on Facebook. I still have several more to sell (check out the For Sale page). I’ve also not only added a few new ones to my collection but I’ve managed to finish some of the series that I collect. I finished the Batman 1966, Pirates of the Caribbean, Infinity War, Thor Ragnarok (unless I decide to get one more), and Mass Effect Andromeda series. I’m still waiting on one or two more Pops to be delivered. I’ve promised myself I won’t buy anymore Pops for a while; at least for a month or two. We’ll see how long that promise lasts.

Oh, I updated most of the Pops! pages. That includes My Collection and In Search Of.

My Pops Haul for the Week

My Pops Haul for the Week

I received a total of eleven Pops this week but that will be it for a while.

Building Risers

I’m now going to work on several projects involving my Pops. First, I am going to continue building and finishing my risers. I’m using florist foam blocks to build the risers with little wooden sticks between them to keep them together for added stability. Next, I will cover them with white cloth and adhere it to the foam with Mod Podge Fabric. Although I measured the fabric before cutting it, it still didn’t cut right. That’s both because I suck at cutting things and because my scissors too dull. I still managed to make it work though. I brushed the Mod Podge Fabric on the front facing sides of the foam blocks. I then wrapped the fabric around where the seams would show on the back of the blocks. I then brushed more Mod Podge Fabric over the edges of the cloth to help lock them in place.

Step 1

Using sticks between the foam blocks for stability.

Step 2

Fitting the blocks together to form the various riser levels.

Step 3

Getting the materials together including cloth, Mod Podge Fabric, and a brush.

Step 4

Using the Mod Podge brushes on the foam blocks then additional Mod Podge brushes on the fabric edges.

Now that my first try has dried, I’ve decided that I like the look and will continue to do this (cover the foam blocks with fabric) for the rest of my risers. So far today, I have finished three more of the long risers for my Star Wars Pops and I’m now letting them dry before I work on more of them because I’m running out of workspace. I used a different brush today as I found a small acrylic bristle brush to use instead of the foam brush. This new brush works WAY better and seems to use less Mod Podge to cover the blocks. Speaking of the Mod Podge, I’m almost out of it. Only four risers and I’ve used about half the bottle. I bought this stuff at Hobby Lobby (only place that had it) with a 40% off coupon. I don’t have another coupon and I don’t plan on making that 45 minute drive again until next week. I think I will instead go to our local Walmart and buy a huge bottle of the regular Mod Podge Matte. I have no idea what the difference is between Mod Podge Fabric and Mod Podge Matte but I might soon find out.

Better Brush

I found a new, better brush to use for the rest of my riser project.

Two More Finished Risers

Here are two more risers that I’ve since finished and am letting dry before I work on more. I have four in total.

Fixing Falling Pops

Fixing Pops
Fixing my falling Pops

While I wait to continue work on my risers, I’ll focus on some of my other projects. Some of my Pops refuse to stay upright when I have them displayed out of box. I tried double sided tape by 3M and that only worked for a few that aren’t very top-heavy. I previously used Gorilla Glue to glue three of my most top-heavy Pops to their acrylic bases. I couldn’t do this for all the falling Pops though because some of them didn’t come with acrylic bases and it may decrease the value of the Pops if I glued them permanently to anything. I decided to buy some generic acrylic bases for about $5 off eBay and some Museum Wax from Amazon. (The museum wax is supposed to hold things tight without being a permanent adhesive. It’s supposedly removable without residue but I guess I’ll find out down the road if that’s truly true.) I took my two most troublesome Pops (Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors from Doctor Who) and used the museum wax to adhere them to the new bases. So far, they are actually staying put on their bases. I even put them up on my display and they haven’t moved yet. Here’s hoping they never fall down again! Now I just need to figure out what to do with my Ant-Man and Wasp Pocket Pops that I want to display which have very tiny bodies and very huge heads. The museum wax isn’t working for Wasp at least. I’ll just have to think and figure out something else for those two.

Fixing Aayla Secura

For my next Pop project, I’m going to try my hand at customizing a Pop. I was so excited when I first heard about my favorite Jedi, Aayla Secura, getting her own Pop! (Yes, that’s where my beloved chihuahua got her name.) Then I actually got the Pop and saw that it has a factory painting error. The waist should be blue because it’s a two piece outfit that she wears but her waist is the same brown as her outfit. If this were a common Pop, then Funko might have fixed it by producing a new round of them but this was a limited edition Pop only available from their now defunct Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box. They have no intention of ever fixing this error which is tragic for any fan of Aayla Secura wanting an accurate Pop of her.

Aayla Secura Pop

See how her bare waist is brown instead of blue?

Aayla Secura

This is what she is supposed to look like.

I purchased a small set of acrylic paints with several blue shades for me to mix together and hope I can match her skin tone closely enough to be passable. I also purchased some tiny brushes to do such detailed work with. (Yay for Joann’s 60% off coupons and paint sale! I got a ton of stuff for under $5 total the other day.) I also bought an extra Aayla Pop off of Facebook for really cheap because they person didn’t want it/wasn’t a fan of the character. Once I get the extra Pop, I’ll see about mixing my paints to mix her skin tone and finally fix that painting error on the Pop using my new tiny brushes. According to the tracking number, it should be here Monday or Tuesday. I can’t wait to get started.

Summer Cleaning

My final big project for now is cleaning up my office room so I actually have room to display all of my Pops. Today I’m going to work on getting my old entertainment center all cleaned up and organized. I cleaned up the base of it the other day so now I just need to clean off the top of it and the side cabinet. It shouldn’t take more than a day to get it all cleaned out and organized but we shall see. Once it is all cleaned off and such, I’ll see about displaying both my Movies & TV Pops collection and my DC Heroes Pops collection on the old entertainment center. I may need to build another shelf to put in the thing or I’ll just use the big empty space where a TV should go as storage space for empty Pop boxes. I’m so close to completely running out of room for empty Pop boxes that I’m strongly considering selling the boxes just to be rid of them all. I need to think about that more though.

Between finishing those risers and cleaning the old entertainment center, I should have a full, busy day today. As soon as I finish my coffee, I’ll get to work!