In my last entry, Pop Projects, I spoke of several projects I was working on regarding my Funko Pops. I have now completely finished some of those projects including customizing my Aayla Secura Pop and finishing the risers for my collection. I’m also continuing my project of figuring out the best way to handle falling Pops.

I bought a set of acrylic paints (on sale) from Joann Fabrics Store that were all cool colors. I mixed up three of the colors (the blue, the teal, and the sea green) to create a color that was as close as I could manage to the Aayla Pop’s skin tone. I then used a small detail brush to apply the paint to her erroneously brown waist so that it would be the same color as her skin (which is how it should have been in the first place). Once the paint dried and I was sure it was as close to the tone as I could manage, I used a slightly wider detail brush to apply a thin coat of matte Mod Podge to seal the paint and give it a slight shine to match the rest of the Pop. I think it looks great now! See for yourself in the provided photos!


These are the paints and brushes that I used.


Here you can see my pallet where I mixed the three colors together to match Aayla’s skin tone.


A factory painted Pop next to the Pop that I painted.

I also finished most of the risers for my entire collection. The risers for my Star Wars, Marvel, Gaming, and Doctor Who Pops are all finished. I need to do the risers for my Movies & TV Pops plus my DC Pops but I’m still iffy on how exactly to display those at the moment. Once I’m sure of my display, I’ll cover the foam blocks with cloth like I did the others. I detailed the process of building the risers and covering them with cloth in my entry Pop Projects. Now my displays for the bulk of my Pops are completely finished. I attached photos so you can see for yourself. I think the newly covered foam block risers look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I managed to finish cleaning off my old entertainment center and have arranged my Movies & TV Pops plus my DC Pops on it. I’m not 100% sure I like the way they are displayed though. The DC Pops that are on the risers are hard to see unless I’m seated at my desk. I wish that shelf could be lowered by a notch but it’s on its lowest setting. I guess I could drill some new holes for it? Or maybe even add a new shelf below it. Until I decided what exactly I’m going to do, I’ll wait to cover those risers with cloth in case I need to change/rearrange them. I had to build up a riser level behind the movie Pops because the top row of Star Trek Beyond Pops kept falling backwards if someone (like Pixie running by) walked by too roughly.


Movies & TV and DC Pops

Back on Wednesday, after finally getting my broken tooth fixed, I went Pop shopping and found three (yes, 3) Chases in one store. I bought all three in the hope of trading and/or selling them. That was my first ever time finding any number of Chases “in the wild”. The very first time I acquired a Chase was when I bought a Star-Lord Pop from Amazon. I have since updated the For Sale page with these new Pops and some others I’ve decided to part with from my collection. I also have a few things listed on eBay. If you’re wondering what a Chase is or what “in the wild” means, check out my Funko FAQ post.

New Chases for Sale

New Chases for Sale/Trade

The lower Ant-Man Chase has a dented box, that’s why it is cheaper than the mint box on top.
Movie Moments for Sale

Movie Moments for Sale/Trade

The bottom Pop has a dented box but the top box is mint.

I’ve noticed a few more of my Pops that have developed the bad habit of tipping over at random times. I fixed these Pops the same as I did the two Doctor Who Pops I fixed in my last post. I used the extra acrylic bases that I bought and used the museum wax (available at Amazon) to affix the Pops with falling tendencies to the acrylic bases (this includes The Riddler #183 and Barbossa #173). This has worked for most of my falling Pops with the exception of the Vision #307 HT Exclusive. That Pop should have come with some sort of a base but it didn’t. I tried putting it on a base with museum wax but that didn’t work and he still kept falling forward. Now I just have him affixed directly to the shelf with the museum wax and so far he is staying put (it’s been several days).

More Newly Fixed Pops

Three more Pops that kept falling over but are now staying put on their bases.

Fixed Vision Pop

He is affixed directly to the shelf using the museum wax.

The Museum Wax

I had a few people ask me about what the wax is that I’m using. Here it is and I bought it from Amazon.

I have updated most of the Pops! pages including several posts in My Collection plus the In Search Of and For Sale pages. Okay, that’s all for now. I must now get back to the biggest and most important project of all, cleaning my rooms completely and not just for Pop displays!