I currently have about 200 Funko Pops. I also only have three shelves and a few other open spaces to display the Pops. It’s time to refocus and cull the collection down to a more manageable size by selling the ones I don’t absolutely have to have. I need to stop buying so many Pops to begin with. There also needs to be some serious reorganizing!

I had been collecting every Pop that appealed to me and apparently that is a bad way to go. After a lot of thought, I’ve decided that from now on I will only collect Star Wars, Marvel MCU, Doctor Who, and a few select smaller series of Pops such as gaming Pops like Mass Effect and a few one-off Pops like Godzilla. That should cut my collection down less than half the size it is now, I think, and keep me from buying too many new Pops. So now I just need to go through the entire collection of 200 Pops and clear out the ones that don’t fit in the aforementioned series. I may even cull a few Pops from those series that I want to keep but don’t particularly like the individual Pop.

To begin with, I need to go through the entire collection picking and choosing which ones to keep. Since I display them all “out of box” I’ll have to then find the boxes for all the Pops I intend to sell and trade. Luckily, Pops are made to easily fit back in their boxes like they were never taken out. It’s part of their design! I keep all of my Pop boxes stacked up on top of my bookshelf so it’s just a matter of getting the boxes I need without causing an avalanche. After that, photo sessions! I’ll need photos of all the Pops I want to sell and/or trade so I can post said photos in the Facebook Pop groups and other places like local swap, Craigslist, and possibly eBay. I will also be posting all of the Pops I have for sale here on this blog on the Pops For Sale page. 

Once I get my collection down to a manageable size, I’ll get to work on displaying them in a more orderly fashion. To maximize the limited amount of space I have to display the Pops, I’m going to need risers. They make clear acrylic risers for sale online but they’re a little too pricey for me. I found an idea on Instagram on how to create my own risers with foam blocks, small sticks, and craft fabric. I bought six blocks of florist dry foam blocks and the small sticks. My first riser turned out… okay. I need more practice but it does do what it needs to do. (See photo of my gaming Pops.) The foam is kind of weird feeling and comes apart easily so I need to cover it with some cheap fabric.

I was previously using empty Pop boxes as risers but it’s not a good solution. I’ll be replacing all the temporary Pop box risers with these new foam block risers. I just need to figure out exactly how many foam blocks I need to buy… I’ll have to sell the unwanted Pops first so I have money to buy risers!

Since I started writing this blog post, I have managed to do as I said I would do and box up all the Pops that I no longer want and need. They have been photographed and prices researched. Check out my For Sale page to see them all and (hopefully) buy one or more today! I need to sell all 34 Pops shown on that page as soon as possible so I can upgrade my kept collection with new risers and finally get things organized.