I am starting a new project to to collect and post online all the videos I can find of my beloved pets from the parrots I used to have to the doggies I have now. So far I only have a few but I hope to find and also record more. Read on to see what I have so far and what I will be adding soon.

First off, I am right now working on editing a video that is a slideshow of photos of my late parrotlet Austin that I am creating as a way to share an audio-only file I have of Austin speaking through most of his vocabulary. It’s slow going because I’m having trouble finding enough photos of him and the sound clip is about 15 minutes long. I found a good, free audio editor and have begun editing the clip by cutting out all the empty spaces and focusing on when he speaks the clearest. I still need to go over it one more time before it’s ready for prime-time. Once I finish with all that editing, I can then add that new audio clip to the slideshow video and share it with you all on YouTube. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

I have a video on my phone of our dog Pixie begging for dog food by scratching on the food bin where her food is kept. The lighting in the video is bad though so it’s a little hard to see. I haven’t decided yet whether to upload this video and try to enhance it or take a new video which should be easy since Pixie does this every night and sometimes multiple times a night. Again, I’ll keep you posted. Watch this space!

Now onto the videos that are finished and are online! The first video I’ll mention is of the first time that Aayla and Pixie played tug of war together. It’s a very cute and short video that I recorded in early 2016. You can see it below or by clicking here.

Aayla & Pixie's First Tug of War

This is the first time Aayla and Pixie played tug of war together. It was filmed via my iPhone 5 on December 19, 2015 at 8pm. This was also the first day that they really played together. Prior to this Aayla had been too timid and nervous around Pixie to have much to do with her and usually ran away when Pixie tried to play with her. Now they play together everyday.

The next video is of the Green Cheek Conure we had for a short while that I named Indy. In the video, Indy is sitting on my dad’s shoulder talking and giving kisses. Indy could whistle, say “Indy’s pretty” and “kissy, kissy *smooching noise*”. That was about it for his vocabulary but he was a very smart parrot. He was capable of creating “tools” with which he’d use to scratch his head where his foot couldn’t reach! You can see this video of Indy below or by clicking here.

Indy Talking to Dad

Indy the Green Cheek Conure on Dad’s shoulder whistling, saying “Indy’s pretty” and “kiss” while giving Dad kisses.

The next video is of our first chihuahua, Chi-Chi, who lived from 2002 to 2015. In the video, Chi-Chi is shown working for her nightly meal. LOL Chi-Chi was very good at rolling over but would only rollover for dinner and that was it. When Dad would ask if she was ready for dog food, she’d run into the living room and bark until Dad would say “you know what you need to do” and then she’d start rolling over several times until he said that was enough. This particular video was recorded in 2011 when Chi-Chi started having health troubles but still had so much life still in her. You can see the video below or by clicking here.

Chi-Chi Rolling Over

A video I recorded sometime in late 2011 of Chi-Chi spinning around and rolling over for her dog food. She was stout but full of life.

This next video is the very first video I took of Aayla when I got her as a four month old puppy in late 2009. She was a peppy little runner who just couldn’t sit still for a photo so that’s why I took a video of her. She’s wearing a sweater in the video because she had to as a puppy since she had a thin coat and got cold very easily. See the video below or see it by clicking here.

Introducting Aayla

Aayla when I first brought her home as a 3 and a half month old rescue puppy. She kept running around so much that I couldn’t get a good first photo of her. Since I couldn’t get a photo, I decided to make a little video of her.

The final video I’ll mention tonight is of my late parrotlet, Austin. In the video he is sitting on my dad’s knee getting his head rubbed by dad. It’s a short and cute little video that Dad recorded in or around 2007. You can see this video below or by clicking here.

Austin the Parrotlet

This video was recorded by my dad sometime around 2006 with a webcam (that’s why the quality is low). Austin was a Pacific Parrotlet who had a huge and colorful vocabulary. Here he is just relaxing and getting his head petted (his favorite thing). I’m trying to find all of my old videos of him and will upload them as I can. We lost Austin in 2011. He was 12 years old.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep searching for more old videos, editing current videos, and creating new videos to share with you all. Thank you for viewing.