As mentioned in my post, Pop Overload, I have begun to reorganize my Pop Collection by culling a large portion of them. It was last Wednesday when I started sorting out the Funko Pops that I need to part with.

pops for sale 2
Some of my Pops for sale

I made sure all the Pops I wanted to sell were safe in their boxes then set about photographing them and researching fair prices. They are now (mostly) all listed on my For Sale page which is updated regularly to reflect the changing inventory. I urge you to check that page out and see if there are any that interest you. I really need to downsize my collection and I need your help to do that! If there aren’t any that appeal to you, please share the For Sale page with your friends who may be interested in them. I’d be greatly appreciative for any help in selling those Pops!

Creating a Record of my Pops

With those Pops that I need to part with set aside, I began on Friday the process of reorganizing and cataloging all the Pops that I plan to keep. I came up with the idea of identifying each Pop with a little numbered sticker attached to the base or foot of each Pop then writing down that number and the name of the Pop in a notebook. I started with my Marvel MCU Pops (the largest part of the collection) and by the time I was finished with all the Pops, I had numbered a total 146 Pops! That doesn’t count a few that are still on their way that I traded for earlier in the week. o.O Maybe I need to add a few more to the for sale list??

As I numbered them, I tried to go about properly displaying them. I managed to display the Marvel MCU Pops, Star Wars Pops, and Gaming Pops. The rest are waiting for me to figure out where to display them as I ran out of shelf space already. I also ran out of foam blocks to use as risers for the Star Wars Pops and had to resort to using empty Pop boxes. Once I buy more foam blocks, I’ll replace those boxes with proper risers. I still need to figure out where to display my Doctor Who, Movies & TV, and DC Heroes Pops. After that, I’ll be done and all will be displayed. Yay!

Bad Pops that Fell

Back on Saturday, tragedy struck when my Sara Ryder with Helmet Pop fell from the top row of the top shelf and on to the floor. Luckily, it wasn’t damaged and managed to not knock off any of the other Pops on its way down. Still, I couldn’t just simply put it back on the shelf as the Pop is warped due to the weight of the helmet on that too flimsy of body and would not stay on its base for long. I asked Dad if he had a glue that wouldn’t destroy soft plastic and he brought some home. We glued the Sara Ryder Pop to its acrylic base and I noticed two of my Agent Carter Pops were having a similar problem so we glued those two as well. The glue has since dried and I’ve put all there back in their places on the shelves. Only time will tell if this was a success but it’s been a few hours and so far, so good. If the glue doesn’t work, I’m going to try boiling the Pops and then reposition their bodies to be at less of an angle. Then I’m going to invest in some earthquake/museum putty from Amazon and see if that works. If that doesn’t work, well then I’m out of ideas.

My Database Form

Now onto cataloging… With my notebook filled with the names and numbers of the Pops, I started work on creating a database on my computer to keep track of them all. I’m using OpenOffice Database for this project. After building the table, I used the program’s wizard to create a form so entering the information into the table was a breeze. You can see the form I created in the image at right. If you’re wondering how I knew all that stuff, I had an old database that had most of that information in it but it would have been too much of a hassle to bring that old one up to date with the additional info I needed (mainly the ID numbers that I had just created and put on each Pop via sticker). The database is now complete with all of the Pops I currently have in my collection. I’ll add new Pops as I get them.

While I was working on the collection, I also finally took photos of each Pop that didn’t already have a photo on this blog. You can now see my complete collection with photos of all the single Pops on the My Collection page via the themed posts there. I also cleaned up my In Search Of page. Now it only lists the Pops I want in the few series that I now focus on collecting. There were way too many Pops from too many different series on there before!

And that’s all for my Pops for right now. I’m actually a little sick of them at the moment. LOL Now I’ll get back to work on my art projects and my other major project of cleaning all three of my rooms. I’m also in a great deal of pain at the moment because I broke a tooth last night but I’m trying not to think about it. So, I’ll see you next time with various different things and not just Pops. 🙂