In my last blog entry, I said I wouldn’t talk about my Funko Pops again for a long while because I was sick of them. Well, I got over my sickness of them real quick. LOL I have definitely once again been bitten by the Funko bug! I’m still trying to sell several of my unneeded Pops on the For Sale page and on eBay. I’ve managed to sell quite a few so far and used some (not all) of the money to add a few new Pops to My Collection. I’m also still working on getting all of my Pops properly displayed in my office room.

Today I sold six Pops and I have four more Pops with bids on eBay but that still leaves quite a few that need to be sold. They are already listed at or below Stashpedia and PPG pricing so I can’t really lower the prices. I guess I just need to keep sharing the photos and hope I catch the right peoples’ attention. If you’d like to help me out, please share my For Sale page which is regularly updated with the latest Pops for sale, prices, and availability. If you’re interested in any of my Pops, please let me know and I’ll make a deal with you. Once my first round of eBay auctions are over, I’ll take a new round of photos of my Pops for sale and make new group postings.

I may cut a few more Pops from my collection in the coming days. I’m debating whether to sell a few singles from the series I am definitely keeping because they just don’t seem to fit with the rest of my Pops (such as the original trilogy Leia from A New Hope that is an older Pop and looks weird next to the newer, higher detailed Pops).

Today's Haul August 10
My total haul from August 10, 2018

I had a very successful day yesterday in regards to Pop hunting. I first went to Target and found a Sad Porg that I’ve been wanting. I am now one step closer to completing my Porg collection! (I just need the Open Mouth Chase Porg and I’ll have one of each.) I then went to Hot Topic and to my great amazement, I found a HT Exclusive Infinity War Vision Pop that I’ve been wishing for along with a Diana Prince exclusive Pop. To get the 3 for $27 deal I also added a Black Panther Pop to my purchase and got some Hot Cash to use later. 😀 The rest of the Pops were bought online from various sources and just all happened to arrive on my doorstep at the same time. I’m still expecting five more Pops (all Marvel and DC) to arrive that I ordered online from multiple sources. I just finished taking individual photos of each of my new Pops and added them to this blog on the My Collection posts.

new Star Wars display
My new Star Wars display

While I was out yesterday I also went to Joann’s (the craft store) and bought three six-packs of florist dry foam blocks to use in creating new risers for my Pops. Today I got to work creating a new display setup for my Star Wars Pops. I ended up using all of the foam blocks for one shelf display which kinda sucks that I used all the blocks but it sure looks great. See the attached photo to see my newest Star Wars display. Those are my sequel and prequel trilogy Pops. What do you think of the new setup? I still need to work on displaying my original trilogy Pops but for that I’ll need to buy more foam blocks. I’ll have to wait until next week to do that.

I updated all of the posts for My Collection section where I show all my Pops. Now (most) of the Pop photos are sorted by sub-series making viewing them all a little easier. I also arranged them by their Pop number just for the hell of it. LOL I still have a few more photos to add of Pops that haven’t gotten here yet but I’ll do that as soon as they arrive.

All Doctor Who Pops
All Doctor Who Pops

After I finished all that, I got to work cleaning up my work desk. It was a MESS to be sure. I can’t believe I let it get that bad for so long. I would have taken before and after photos but I was too ashamed of how bad it looked before. With my desk newly cleaned off and (somewhat) organized, I put all of my Doctor Who Pops on the top shelf. See attached photo. I’m not satisfied with how they look though; especially considering that when I sit down at my desk all I can see are their heads. So, I’m going to build a riser or two for them once I buy more foam blocks and once my museum wax gets here so I don’t have to worry about them falling behind the desk where I can’t get to them.

I think tomorrow I will work on cleaning out my old entertainment center which I’ve not really been using for anything for a long time. I mean it still has VHS tapes loaded in it for crying out loud! Since there’s no TV in the thing, there’s just a large empty space. I’ll either try to put some shelves in there to display my Pops or I’ll just use it to store Pop boxes. If all else fails, the thing has a huge top shelf so I can definitely display my Pops on top of the thing. So much work to do!