In this post you will find all of the custom game mods that I have created for the PC game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Bioware from 2003. Download links are provided along with each mod. All mods are provided in zip files for ease of use along with an important “read me” text file that I highly suggest you read for instructions on how to not only install but how to also use the mod.

I plan on updating all of these mods to be used with the TSL patcher once I figure that program out. I may also update other aspects of the mods and add new mods. I just reinstalled KotOR 1 so there’s no telling what will happen once I start playing it again.

There are still a few more mods of mine that I haven’t been able to locate the original zip files for including a set of powerful Force crystals for lightsabers. I’ll keep looking and keep you updated.

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KotOR1: Mariana

A new blonde caucasian playable female character. These files will replace all of the default files for the dark haired caucasian PC head and the underwear for the caucasian skin Scoundrel underwear.

KotOR1: Consular Pack

I thought the Consulars could use a little extra help since they lack battle skills when there is so much battle in the game. This also introduces a new robe model into the game. Because of the game’s limitations, I had to replace Revan’s Robes & the StarForge Robes with these new robes. I never liked those things anyway so it doesn’t bother me. ? The robes and everything will work on both male and female PCs. The items in this pack will ONLY work for Jedi Consulars!! Make sure that you choose the Level 1 Implant Feat when leveling up your character so that you can use the Consular’s Implant mod.

KotOR1: Younger Carth

I thought Carth looked at little too old for my PC to fall for so I had her use her Jedi Powers (and me use my Paint Shop Pro) to make him look a bit younger and more appealing. ?

KotOR1: Carth’s Flight Jackets

After all the nitpicking people have done on poor Carth’s favorite jacket I decided to help him out with some new clothes. Now Carth will start the game with a “toned down” version of his usual clothes. Later in the game you will be able to buy different colors of his favorite clothes from Kebla’s Store on Taris. (I even made a set of clothes for him that will match the female Consular Robes mod that I made. Now they’ll be a real match! That’s so sweet I think I’m going to be sick…) Oh, and did I mention his clothes now have some great defensive bonuses and are now upgradable as well?

KotOR1: Color Crystals

I thought that KotOR 1 could use a bit of extra color so I’ve made 8 brand new unique color lightsaber crystals for you to enjoy. The crystals only change the lightsaber’s blade color; nothing else is modified.

KotOR1: New Jedi Robes

Brand new, cool looking robes with a variety of colors for all of your Jedi characters whether they be Light Side or Dark Side. The robes have the same properties as the Jedi Master Robes (Defense Bonus +3). Will work on male and females, PCs and NPCs. Because of the game’s limitations, I had to replace the StarForge Robes & Revan’s Robes with these new robe models. I never liked those old robes and you don’t get until the end of the game so it shouldn’t make much difference to most people. ?

KotOR1: New Sith Robes

Here are some darker flavored robes for you and your party members when you fall to the Dark Side or just want to wear something a little different from all the other LS Jedi. (You can wear these no matter what your alignment is.) Because of the game’s limitations I had to replace Revan’s Robes and the StarForge Robes with these new robe models. I never like those old robes anyway so it doesn’t bother me and most people don’t even use or know about them so it probably won’t bother you either! The robes have the same properties as the Master Robes. (Defence Bonus +3)

KotOR1: New StarForge Robes

This mod replaces the old models for the Starforge and Revan’s Robes with the same model as my New Jedi Robes and New Sith Robes mods also available at my website. It also includes two brand new textures created entirely by me. These new robes have the same properties as the original StarForge robes.

KotOR1: Silver Lightsaber Crystal

A brand new crystal for your lightsaber that will add a brand new color (silver) to your lightsaber blade.

KotOR1: Smuggler Wear

These files will replace all of the default files for the Scoundrel Class main clothes and make the Scoundrel Class PCs wear the Scout Class clothes. Later the PC can buy the modified Smuggler Clothes that are upgradable and look a bit like the clothes our favorite smuggler/scoundrel from Star Wars wears. Now includes the red blood stripes on blue like Han wears in Episode IV and the yellow stripes on brown like he wears in Episodes V & VI.

KotOR1: Wookiee Amulet

This is a powerful lightsaber crystal which was somehow cut from the final game. Now I’ve fixed it so that it’s back in the game… Enjoy!

KotOR1: All Mods Compatible

If you have downloaded all of my mods then you will need these files so that they will all work together at the same time, in the same game. Just overwrite the old files with these new files in your Override folder.