I know I made at least two other mods but I haven’t been able to find them. It’s possible they were never finished but I can’t be sure until I find my oldest mod files. I do plan on reinstalling KotOR 2 with all mine and other mods. That might encourage me to create new mods or finish the old ones I’m thinking of. I’ll keep you updated on what happens with that.

On this page you’ll find all the mods I ever created for the PC game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords. Most of these mods were last updated in 2006 so I really can’t offer support for them. Use at your own risk. At the moment, I’m unable to find the original preview images so I’ll just post the thumbnail images I was able to find. I’ll update this page if I ever find (or make) better previews. Click the download buttons to download each mod. All mods are provided in zip files for ease of use along with an important “read me” text file that I highly suggest you read for instructions on how to not only install but how to also use the mod.

These are all currently version 1.0 mods. I plan on creating new versions once I learn how to use the TSL Patcher to make all of my KotOR 1 and 2 mods easier to use.

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KotOR2: Maia

Here is a brand new playable character I created for KotOR 2: TSL. She won’t replace any of the other PCs and includes her very own custom underwear and civilian wear. A blonde caucasion character that is complete with all Dark Side transitions.

KotOR2: Mira Fix

This is a simple alteration to the Mira character to make her look a little more real/better. All I did was add some highlights to her eyes and toned down the shiny/bright highlights in her hair. This mod will change the normal Light Side Mira face and her normal LS icon.

KotOR2: Vision Revan Fix

Whether male or female there is no way in hell the Dark Lord of the Sith would use a violet (PINK) lightsaber! What were the game makers thinging!?!?! Well, this mod changes it so that Darth Revan will use two RED lightsabers to attack you (as a vision) in the tomb of Ludo Kressh on Korriban. It’s the least I could do to save Revan’s dignity!

KotOR2: Floating Sabers Fix

Once you defeat Darth Traya on Malicore she will send three floating lightsabers to attack you. In the original game the lightsabers are violet (PINK). I don’t know what the game makers were thinking! This mod will change the lightsabers to the Sith RED we have all come to know and love/fear. ?

KotOR2: Vision Kreia Fix

In the tomb of Ludo Kressh on Korriban you will run into several “visions” and one of them is an evil version of Kreia who then tries to defend/attack your friends with a BLUE lightsaber. If she has fallen to the Dark Side then shouldn’t she be wielding a RED lightsaber? Well, I think so and that is why I made this mod so that the vision of Kreia in the tomb will wield a RED lightsaber.