What is the purpose of this blog and why should you or anyone else be interested any of it? Allow me to try and answer that very question with this post. Please stick with it through to the end; it sounds like a downer in the beginning but it gets better.

I’m just a normal person who has come to the realization that my life is currently not worth living and hasn’t been for a very long time. Things could be far worse than they are, I admit, but I must also admit things will get worse unless I start doing something about it now. I’m in the process of getting my life on track so that I might actually live to 40 (I’m currently 32 if you’re wondering). I’m going to document my progress (or failure, whichever happens) in this blog along with plenty of fun diversions along the way because I don’t like talking seriously for long periods of time as that is boring as hell to me and probably to you too. I have no idea how this story will progress as it hasn’t been lived yet. It could end up being one hell of a success story or end tragically. Who knows? I don’t and that makes it interesting, at least to me. I will be honest. I will be sarcastic. I will be serious. I will be silly. I am eccentric and so too will be this blog.

Here are some of the topics, types of posts, etc. that you can expect to see on this blog for now and into the future:

Life Stuff

This is the main category where I’ll write posts about how life is going for me and things that happen in my life. More than likely there will be a lot more rambling in this category than any other.


Somewhat self-explanatory. I’m a professional artist and a hobby photographer. I’ll be posting both my art and my photos into this category from the past and present.


I’m a gamer, mostly on PC these days. I also mod PC games. In this category I’ll be posting reviews of games that I’ve played along with any mods that I’ve created or posts on how to mod my favorite games.

Work Stuff

News and commentary about things that relate to the stuff I do for more than fun. This includes not just digital art related news but also web design because I work on that too.

Misc Stuff

Exactly what it says. Posts and things that just don’t fit anywhere else. This is a catch all for posts that don’t fit in any other category/topic.

Funko Pops

I love and collect little vinyl figures known as Funko Pops. I’ll be posting about my collection, photos of the collection, my wish list, and Pops I have for sale.

Sims Stories

Read along as I play the Sims 3 starting with a single character and just seeing where the game takes us. Lots of screenshots and who knows what else will end up here.

Status Updates

These are just quick little posts about what I’m doing at the very moment the update is posted. Interesting for tracking my progress and downfalls over time.

There will be more as this blog grows over time. I just need time.

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Thank you.

Last Updated: May 14, 2018