As I mentioned in a previous post, my main goal now is to lose weight and keep it off. So far I’m tackling it with a changed diet and exercise. One of my doctors mentioned an app called MyFitnessPal which has been really helpful (and it’s free). I use it to track my calorie intake and to stay under 1,870 calories per day (for now). I’ve been using the app for fifteen days now and have managed to stay well below my calorie goal each day. I’ve so far lost a total of five pounds and counting. I’m actually feeling hopeful about my weight for the first time in ages and even feeling better about myself. I can and will do this!

I’m not just cutting back on my eating although that is a big part of it (I’ve had problems with binge eating in the past up until recently). I also making better, smarter choices about what I eat and drink. I now drink mostly unsweetened iced tea and ice water. I’m cutting back on my coffee drinking both due to I like it sweet and creamy plus the caffeine isn’t good for me. I am also cutting out all the junk food I can (no more Pop Tarts or fudge cookies). I cooked my own dinner last Sunday (whole grain pasta, white onion diced and sauteed in olive oil, diced green bell pepper, diced tomato, marinara sauce with extra garlic, and a sprinkling of low-fat mozerella). I’ve been eating leftovers of it ever since (it’s currently Tuesday night and I’ve still got enough left over for lunch or dinner tomorrow).

I need to start exercising too but at the moment I have a sinus infection which has messed up my breathing. It’s very hard to exercise when I am already having trouble catching my breath just doing normal stuff. Once this clears up though, I’ll get to walking our dogs (the weather is unusually nice for this time of year) and working out on the elliptical in the basement. For right now, I have been trying to walk as much as I can. Today I walked a total of 3,400 steps and burned about 66 calories according to my phone’s app. I still have a week’s worth of antibiotics to take so many in another week or two I’ll be able to start taking those longer walks and some cardio.

Now that I think of it, Aayla is overweight too. She’s supposed to weigh 5 – 7 lbs and right now she’s weighs 10. The vet told me to get her back down to 7lbs for the sake of her health. (For a chihuahua, 3lbs is a LOT of weight.) So our in the near future walks we be good for both of our weight-loss goals. She’s seven years old right now so I need to get that weight off of her before she gets too old to take these long walks we need. Of course, it’s been so long since we had a real good walk that I’ll have to start slow and work our way up. No need to burn ourselves out or risk any health issues by doing too much too soon.

I’m currently in the middle of a depressive episode yet I’m still managing to keep to my daily diet goals and exercise more. Not only that, I’m starting to care more about my appearance. For so long I was so disgusted with myself that I just didn’t give a damn how I look. Now I do. I’ve started wearing my contacts again, I’ve made appointments with the dentist to get my teeth fixed, and I’m sorting through my makeup to see what’s still wearable. I still had much of my makeup and all my brushes in a ziplock bag along with some liquids from a trip I took back in April 2016. So… I found some mold in the bag. Icky! Tonight I went out about bought a new set of brushes, new eyeliner, and new mascara (the latter two had both dried out). I’ll start practicing my makeup skills tomorrow since I plan to stay home and hopefully get my meager skills back before the next time I go out. 🙂