It’s now been officially over three years since I started collecting Funko Pops. (I got my first Pop on December 12, 2015). I’m still at it and will continue collecting well on into 2019, that’s for sure. This post is an update on my collection and all the work that is currently going into it.

I’ve acquired a few new Pops since the last time I updated you on my collection. The first new Pop I received in months is one I pre-ordered a few months ago; the Infinity War Wave 2 Bruce Banner Pop. I have never been so disappointed in a Pop before. The paint job is just messed up. What’s worse, every Infinity War Bruce Banner Pop is painted exactly like it. Compare the two photos below. One is the “glam” or computer generated image of what the Pop should look like as released by Funko. The other photo is my photo of the actual Pop. Notice how atrocious the green paint is on the real Pop? Instead of Bruce looking like he’s phasing into the Hulk, it looks like mold is growing on him. Unfortunately, I pre-ordered this on eBay and it’s not the seller’s fault, it’s Funko’s QA’s fault, so I didn’t file a claim. I may get out my paints and try to fix it myself or just try to resell it. I haven’t decided yet.

Bruce Banner IW Pop
marvel_iw bruce banner

That’s not the only Pop of mine that needs fixing. I noticed that my Ant-Man and the Wasp: Wasp Chase Pop’s head was leaning backwards due to the weight of her ponytail. (You can see the Pop when I first got it in the photo below at left but her head leans even further back now.) I’m right now attempting to fix this. I first used my museum wax to stick some nickles inside her head and attach them behind her face to act as counter-weights to the pony-tail. That mostly worked but the neck spring is bent back from the head bending backwards for far too long. So, I attached a couple of pennies inside the head for a little more counter-weight then used a spare piece of foam to prop up the ponytail like seen in the photo below right. My idea is that if I leave it in this position for a while, the spring will straighten up a bit. Only time will tell if I’m being smart or foolish. Wish me, and my Pop, luck!

marvel_wasp chase
Fixing Wasp

There are a couple other Pops that may need fixing soon (I’m looking at the Thor Ragnarok: Hela and she’s starting to lean forward a bit too much which seems to be a common problem with female Pops) but I’ll leave those for another day.

In other news, I acquired a few new Pops! I got two Pops from Austin Powers (Austin and Vanessa) plus Young Gamora from Infinity War Wave 2. I had to get the two Austin Powers Pops because that movie had such an impact on my childhood and collecting these things is about the nostalgia factor after all. Both the Young Gamora Pop and the Austin Powers Pops are impressively detailed with the Austin Pop even including his male symbol silver necklace. I also bought the GameStop Exclusive Mera from Aquaman but I haven’t decided whether I’m going to keep it or not. That all depends on if I can find an Aquaman Pop to go with it or not, though it is an absolutely beautiful Pop (as seen below). I have to admit, Pops are becoming more detailed and awesome than ever before, with a few exceptions… I’m looking at you, Bruce Banner!.

marvel_iw young gamora
movies_ap vanessa
Austin Powers
dchero_mera gown

I also have a few Pops on pre-order including Captain Marvel and a Freddie Mercury. I know, I should have learned from the Bruce Banner Pop fiasco not to pre-order anymore but sometimes I never learn! I would have pre-ordered another Captain Marvel Pop but apparently Walmart doesn’t do pre-orders and the one I want is a Walmart exclusive. Phooey. I’ll just have to wait for the restock email and hope I place my order before they sell out again. (They started selling them January 01, 2019 and sold out within an hour.)

The My Collection posts have all been updated with the new Pops I have on hand plus some placeholders for the Pops that are on their way. Now I need to take new group photos of my collection to put at the top of each of those collection posts. I especially need to take new photos because, since my last round of photos, I got some little logo signs for each of my collections’ subsets (or most of them, anyway). I’ll try to take those new photos in the following days. That reminds me, it’s past time to dust all the Pops as well!

pops for sale 2 1

I have finally updated the For Sale page with brand new photos of all the Pops I have left that still need to find new homes. I also updated the pricing to be the low end of an average between Stashpedia, Pop Price Guide, and eBay. (Price are negotiable, especially if you buy more than one!) I did forget to add a few Funko made although not Pop related items but I’ll get on that later. It’s mostly stuff from some Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty boxes and a Batman Pop 3-piece Tin Set. I’ll get that stuff together and take photos of it all soon so stay tuned!

While I was at it, I also updated the In Search Of page with several new wishes. Remember, I’ll trade what’s on the For Sale page for stuff on the In Search of page!

That’s all for now. I’ll continue to keep the My Collection pages updated as I acquire new Pops (between Xmas gift cards and my upcoming birthday, expect a few new ones to be popping up soon). My next Pop-related post will probably be about fixing and repainting more of my Pops since there are a few more that need fixing. Stay tuned and thanks for viewing!