If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or wherever, you may have noticed that I’ve been offline and mostly silent for the past month or so. At first I was in a deep depression but I’m thankfully past that and now am just very busy with a new all-consuming hobby. Just an FYI, I’m feeling fine now. Not great but not horrible either. I’m currently stuck in neutral I guess you could say.

A few years ago I bought the whole series on disc of The Sims 3. By whole series I mean every expansion and stuff pack. I installed most of the packs and played it a few times before but I don’t think I’ve ever quite been so hooked on it. No, obsessed is the better term. I play it day and night wondering what will happen next. It’s been a long game. I started with a single sim named Caroline who raised horses in Appaloosa Plains. She married a doctor and between his World Renowned Surgeon salary and her lucrative horse breeding and racing business, they became millionaires before reaching the elder stage. They had a daughter named Ashley. Once Caroline and her husband (I can’t remember what his name was now) became elders and Ashley an adult, the three of them moved to Isla Paradiso so Ashley could become a scuba diver. Between Ashley’s scuba diving and some great real estate deals including the purchase of three resorts, their coffers went up to about 5,000,000 simoleons. The elder Sims eventually died and Ashley married and had two children of her own after moving to Sunlit Tides. The main Sim I’m playing now is one of Ashley’s daughters, Maia, and she has an inheritance of nearing 7.8 million simoleons and she’s adding to it by being a master alchemist selling her elixirs for top dollar while also being a witch. I’m going to continue this game for at least one more generation. Maia has a daughter (I don’t know why they keep having so many girls) named Zoe and Zoe is going to be a time traveler thanks to the Into the Future expansion pack I finally just installed last night.

The game is interesting enough on its own but I’ve greatly enhanced it with custom mods. My favorite at the moment is NRaas’ Story Progression mod. It turns the whole town into a soap opera that you experience via short messages. I watched as Maia’s sister, Alicia, married a freed genie (who has bold cobalt skin) and have three children with him (they look like pale smurfs! LOL) before something happened (I’m not sure what) that caused them to start hating each other and they got a divorce. No need to worry about Alicia as she won’t be a single mom for long, she’s already engaged to be married to another sim. Her ex-husband though is having a really rough time with child support and has been late with the last few payments. Lucky that Alicia still has her inheritance! I’ll write another post soon about all the mods I use in my game and where to find them. I swear, with mods, Sims 3 becomes the greatest simulation game ever created. Sims 4 can suck it!

I’ve decided that I will soon (after I’ve had some time-traveling fun with Zoe) start a new game and document the story here in this blog with lots of pictures and, as a bonus for my fellow Sims 3 players, I’ll be posting the custom content that I have created which includes many fun tattoos (Ambitions expansion pack required for those) and patterns for the create-a-style tool. I’m still learning about content creation but I’ll figure it all out eventually. This should be a lot of fun. For me and whomever has a few free minutes here and there to see what antics my Sims are up to. I promise to make it interesting!

Okay, enough chit-chat for now. I need to get back to Sunlit Tides! I’ll talk to you all again soon and have lots of goodies to share with you too. 🙂



I know I spelt “similar” incorrectly for this post’s title. It’s supposed to be a pun! Simular = Simulation + Similar. That’s what I get for trying to be clever.