Last Sunday morning, my desktop PC on which I create my artworks went kablooey. In technical terms, the motherboard, CPU (processor), PSU (power supply), and GPU (graphics card) were blown out. Pushing the power-on button resulted in absolutely nothing happening. I was completely devastated. My art is my life and without my PC, I have no art. I literally broke down crying. I wasn’t sure we would be able to afford to replace anything in my PC tower. Thankfully, once my parents woke up later that day, they assured me that they would help me repair the PC. I was relieved but still without my PC.

We ordered a new CPU, motherboard, and CPU cooler that night and they arrived this past Wednesday. I thought that would be all that was needed to fix it although I feared I would need a new power supply too. That helped but it didn’t fix the computer. After replacing those parts, my computer would power-on for about ten seconds and then shut off. I determined that the PSU needed to be replaced as well. We ordered that late Wednesday night and it arrived Saturday afternoon. It then powered on for about twenty seconds before shutting off. I then determined that something was wrong with my GPU. When I took out my current GPU and replaced it with my old GPU, the computer worked and booted up. Luckily, the GPU is less than a year old and has a 3 year warranty. I’ll be sending it in to get repaired next week. Until then, I’ll use the old GPU as a temporary fix.

Is my computer working exactly as it should now (minus the old GPU)? I’m not entirely sure. It froze up three different times to where the only option was to do a hard restart. I turned it off for a while and will look at it again in the morning. For now, I’m tired and my back is killing me. I hope I just need to adjust a few software settings and then it will fly. I hope.

So what was it like going a week without my desktop PC? There was a lot of checking package tracking numbers as I kept up to the minute on where my computer parts were all week long. I also kept thinking about all the things I wanted to do but couldn’t because my desktop wasn’t working. I thought about all the things I would do once it worked again too. (Note: When I finally got the damn thing working, I just sat there wondering what to do first!) This is not a week that I ever want to repeat.

It’s not over yet though. Until I get my GPU back from the manufacturer, I can’t play my more graphically advanced games or use GPU render engines for my art. Here’s hoping everything gets back into working order sooner rather than later!