I’ve been sick, very sick. I spent most of the past month in bed mostly sleeping with a few waking hours to eat something and take my antibiotics. Every one of my projects has been put on hold. My sickness is now gone, I think, and now I’m trying desperately to get my strength back. Since I’ve been feeling better, I still spend most of my time sleeping. I don’t think it’s depression, I think I’m just feeling physically weak. The early to arrive summer heat isn’t helping matters at all. Fans are my best friends since we haven’t turned the A/C on yet.

I did manage to go to a torture dentist appointment yesterday then I went shopping. I finally bought a new purse! It’s a solid dark blue and I got a colorful wallet with a flowers and butterflies print to go with it. Now I need to buy a new pair of sandals (the ones I have were given to me by my aunt back in 2009 so they’re past due for replacement) and maybe later I’ll get new sneakers (the ones I have were a gift from my brother in 2009. That was apparently a good year for shoes.)

I have plans for the weekend to go visit my BFF and maybe see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. She hasn’t seen the first one so I’m bringing my blu-ray of it for her to watch. I told her if she likes the first one, we can then hopefully go see the new one before it leaves theaters. It will also just be great to see my friend. It’s been quite a while and we’re both sorely in need of good friendship right now. It’s a long drive so I first have to get the oil changed in my car plus I need to clean the car both inside and out. It’s a bit cruddy looking right now. I plan to get that done tomorrow assuming the weather cooperates.

I haven’t been able to work on any of my art projects since mid-March. More on that later but I bring it up here because not being able to work on my art always brings down my mood. Still, I don’t think I’m sliding into a depression again. I’m just having some normal-ish down days. Still, it’s really hard to get up in the morning. And in the afternoon if I sleep through the morning. I see my general care doctor tomorrow and I’ll ask him about all the fatigue I’ve been suffering through. My main thing with the appointment tomorrow though is to see about getting my wrist fixed.

What do I mean by “getting my wrist fixed”? I’ve had severe carpal tunnel syndrome in my right/dominate wrist since 8th Grade. I use to be able to draw quite well and write page after page of stories into my notebooks. I can’t draw at all now or write with a pencil for more than 10 minutes due to the pain and numbness. Even typing on this keyboard can get painful after a while (I have wrist rests and all that crap that I use but it’s not a fix) so I have to take breaks often. My hope is that my doctor will see how several my impairment is and recommend to my insurance that I get surgery to fix it before Trump and the Republicans take away my healthcare. I should have tried getting it fixed sooner but I was afraid of the whole surgery thing and worried about how long it would take to recover. Now that my chance looks to be passing me by, I’m going for it. I just hope it is successful.

I’m now going to try to get something done in spite of the heat and my extreme fatigue. Wish me luck!