RuntimeDNA, my commercial home of nearly seven years, is now officially dead. The store stopped selling on December 15, 2016 and now it will only stay open for customer downloads until January 31, 2017. I’ve been battling a bout of depression ever since I got the dreaded “LAST VENDOR PAYMENT” email last month. An email to DAZ didn’t help matters at all. We were told back when RDNA announced they had sold out that we would be taken care of and each made DAZ Published Artists (I notice now we’re called Premier Artists, I don’t know when that change happened). They told us DAZ would sell our back catalogs and continue to sell our new products including new Poser-only products. That was, more or less, a lie. DAZ has no interest in my Poser content. I was told that if I want to make money then I need to learn Daz Studio and make content for their Genesis 3 line of figures which don’t work at all in Poser. I am an artist first and foremost. Poser is what I created my art in. I’m not going to change just to sell out. Oh, they are also now selling my back catalog for pennies on the dollar. Seriously. A character that I had sold on RDNA for about $12 is now being sold for less than $3. That means my profit margin on that character went from $8.40 to now $1.20. Can anyone say THAT’S BULLSHIT?!?

I’m feeling hurt, pissed off, heartbroken, let down, betrayed, and it has all led me into a new bout of depression that is severe enough and lasted long enough that it has warranted a medication adjustment. I’m starting to feel slightly better from the depression side of it but most of these other feelings are going to take a long time to subside.

I don’t think I’m the only one who is upset by all of this. I’ve seen other former RDNA vendors leaving DAZ and going to other stores. I need to PM these vendors and ask for their insight both on why they did what they did and advice on what I should do. It’s just extremely difficult for me to be sociable when I’m depressed.

So what am I going to do? I’m not entirely sure yet. I just sent an email to DAZ letting them know how I feel about all this. (Well, I summarized rather than ramble like I am here. Rambling is therapeutic for me but not good for business emails.) I’ve started releasing new products and re-releasing old products at my storefront at Renderosity while putting some much older products up for sale on my own store site, D9S Art Shop. I may just close my DAZ shop completely or I may leave it up to collect mothballs and the occasional spare dollar. The benefit to closing my DAZ shop is that I would be able to become a Renderosity Exclusive Vendor which I think equals a higher commission cut or at the very least more free advertising. That aforementioned email I sent to DAZ also asked for a handful of products to be removed so that I can update them and re-release them at Renderosity.

I didn’t start creating commercial content back in 2006 solely to make money. I am first and foremost an artist. This all started when I created some original content for my own artworks that other people become interested in and they asked me if I would release my creations commercially. The first store I sold at was Poser Pros; another site that was swallowed by DAZ several years ago. I will continue to create my artworks and selling the original content I create during the creation of my artworks and art projects. For now, I create my artworks and original content only in Poser.