In case you couldn’t tell from this post’s title, I’m feeling really good. Yes, still. That last medication adjustment really did the trick! I’m still having some fatigue issues (which may be due to a low Vitamin D level so I’m working on that) but my mood is great and so is my productivity level. I’m amazed at both how I’m feeling and how much work I’ve gotten done since I started feeling so much better. I could get used to this! Here’s hoping it all lasts a long, long time.

What’s weird is that I usually feel like total shit during the holidays so this is a very welcomed change! Now to just wait and see if I get physically sick over Xmas like I usually do every damn year or if I’ll actually be healthy for a change. The latter would be nice!

I’m currently working on updating/upgrading Dream 9 Studios to v.2019 and trying to get it all done before the year ends. I’m way ahead of schedule with my upgraded staging site; I may actually be able to make the newly upgraded site live sometime next week! I still have more work to do on it yet so I’m trying not to get ahead of myself. The most important change to the site is the addition of new print options. Now, in addition to the already available fine art prints, you’ll be able to purchase metal prints and mounted canvas prints! All options look awesome and I tried to price everything as reasonably as I could without shortchanging myself. I also added my 3D products to the gallery (with links to Renderosity to purchase as all my 3D content is now exclusively there) and will soon be adding 2D design resources to the gallery for instant purchase. I still have to actually make the design resources but they are in the works so it shouldn’t be too long of  a wait for them.

Oh yeah, after reading an article about “best practices to selling art online” I decided to create a mailing list newsletter for Dream 9 Studios. You can sign up by clicking here if you would like to. The newsletter will include the latest news, exclusive coupons, sneak peaks, alerts for sales, and more. I hope you’ll consider subscribing and if you have tips on how to make it better, just let me know.

Since my last entry, I finished my D9S Miria 2 character and submitted her to the Renderosity store. She’ll be released on Monday (Dec. 17) with a 40% off intro sale. My entire store at Renderosity will also go on sale for 40% off from Monday until Friday (Dec. 21). I have another product (Stylish Holiday) which I just uploaded and submitted as a new Prime product. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll wait until later this month or next month to submit my Dreamy Intrigue set of textures. I’m still hoping my friend Anglu is able to finish the DS mats for Rickard 3 before the month is over. I’ve started on a set of hair texture/shaders (project name is “Dream Hair”) for the hair models by Biscuits but they need much more work. I hope to have those done by sometime in January/February. That’s mainly what I have in the pipeline at this moment.

I have more 3D products planned including an M4 character based on David Tennant that I’ve been working on and off and on since about 2011 but haven’t gotten very far with. I want to finish that character if only so I can create my own Doctor Who and/or Jessica Jones fan art! LOL I also have a V4 character based on the modern Wonder Woman that I created solely for fan art but I may continue working on her for a commercial release if there’s interest. I have some original characters from my defunct Shelby Bly Project that I could rework for commercial release but I haven’t made up my mind about that yet. I want to create more clothing texture sets too. I just need to decide which clothing models to design textures for. If you have a suggestion about a clothing model I should design textures for, leave a comment on this blog post or contact me.

I need to update my Pops! section again. I got a new Pop for the first time in months; it’s one I pre-ordered a few months ago and only just yesterday received. (It’s a Bruce Banner Infinity War Pop and I’m very disappointed in it as the paint job is atrocious. Funko QC has a lot to answer for dammit!) I also haven’t taken new photos of my collection since I got some awesome little logo signs from Etsy (logos like Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc. for each of my collection’s subsets). I need to clean a few parts of my room up first though… ugh… Good thing I’m feeling better! Oh yeah, I still have some Pops for Sale that I need to part with if you’re interested.

I added a new feature to this blog! Ever see the AMAs on other  sites? (AMA = Ask Me Anything) Well, now this site has its own AMA page. Got a question that your almost afraid to ask? Ask it anonymously on the new AMA page! You can ask anything (within reason) whether it be about art, mental illness, games, mods, chihuahuas, etc. Try it out today and check back on the page for the answers. Here’s hoping this turns out to be a positive addition to the site.

I can’t think of anything else to write and I’ve probably gone off long enough. See you next time and I wish you all a happy holiday season. 🙂