Well that medication change I went through last month has really done the trick and I am feeling great again. I still feel tired most of the time but I’m learning to just soldier through it… and drink lots of iced coffee. My good mood has translated to increased productivity and that means lots of new artworks and 3D content products. Here’s some promos and WIP renders of what I’ve been and currently still am working on. 

Myla Main Promo

First up is my first ever character for the new Poser base model of La Femme. This lovely freckled ginger girl is named Myla and she’s for Poser 11 Firefly with bonus material presets for Superfly included. She is now in the Renderosity store and can be found by clicking here. Myla includes 20 eye shadow options, 10 lip color options, 20 nail polish options, 5 eye color options, 4 eyelash transparency options, and more. Her face morph was custom sculpted by me in Poser and Zbrush for a truly unique look. I’m really proud of how well she turned out!

My next project is one I’ve been working on for literal years. Ever since I learned how to use the Poser Material Room I have been trying to perfect a hair shader and texture combo to use in all of my artworks. It’s been a work in progress for several years but now it’s finally ready to share! My first set of textures and shaders will be a universal set for all of the hair models by the artist Biscuits available at Renderosity. This hair set includes 70 textures and 75 material presets! It’s now finished and I submitted it to Renderosity testing yesterday.

Zeeva Preview

I’ve got another brand new character for La Femme in the works. This time we have a dark skinned beauty named Zeeva with custom sculpted morphs and highly detailed textures. I plan to create several makeup options, eye color options, lash options, nail polish options, and whatever else I can come up with for her. What you see at left is one of my test renders with her natural skin (i.e. no makeup). I hope to have her ready for release at the end of June or beginning of July. I still have a lot left to do before she is ready for testing or release.

If you’re worried that I’ve switched to using only La Femme, you’re wrong. I still use Victoria 4 for the most part and here is a brand new original character I have started work on for V4. I’m thinking I’ll call her Gianna. She has wondrous movie star looks with her custom sculpted face morph and complementary athletic body morph. I plan on creating a host of makeup and other texture options for her in the near future. What you see at right is one of my first test renders as I have only just begun work on her; what you see is all that I have created so far. I plan on creating lots of texture options for her and some more morph options (such as fingernail morphs and longer lashes). You’ll see! I hope to have her finished some time in July. There is much, much more work to be done before she is ready.

Gianna Preview
Dreamy LBD Preview

This is a clothing texture set for the La Femme Little Black Dress by Glitterati3D (and another preview of Zeeva!). I’ve been refining this particular texture for a couple days now and I think I finally have it looking right. Now to make more textures! I plan on creating about six to eight textures for the dress and some matching textures for the included tights. This is one I hope to have ready for July or August.

And finally, here is another V4 character that I’m currently working on. I am going to call her Tracey. She’s a 1960s inspired siren with custom sculpted face morph and matching body morph. I plan to create several texture options including makeups, nail polish, eye colors, etc. I only just now finished (or I think I finished it) the face morph so now I just need to do everything else! I think she’ll be ready in July or August. The bodysuit she’s wearing in this preview is something I created a few years ago and just rediscovered. I don’t know yet whether I’ll turn it into a set or not.

Tracey Preview

Those four aren’t the only products I have in the pipeline. I also have another character in the works for Michael 4 though he’s not ready to be shown yet and a couple more planned for V4 plus one more for M4. If the La Femme characters I’ve created so far sell well enough, I may create some more for that base model. We shall see. I also have at least two more hair set products planned and some clothing texture sets. Here’s hoping my good and productive mood holds up so I can finish all of these new projects!!

I’ve also been creating some brand new artworks! I have a few new ones from this past month including “She’s a Rainbow” and “Orchid Zen” to name a few. You can see all of my best new artworks on my official art site at Dream 9 Studios. Once I finish a few more promotional renders, I’m going to create at least one more artwork before going back to work on more new 3D content products for Renderosity.

I’m also still working on the Shelby Bly Project but I had to take a short break to get some of this commercial work done because my bank account ran dry. I need more money for more models for the novel! I’ll get back to work on new concept art and more just as soon as I finish the projects shown on this post.

That’s all for now as I have much more work to do! See you all later!