After nearly a year of working behind the scenes, this blog is finally ready for public viewing! I wanted to make sure I had plenty of content before publishing so that there was actually something here to read and “hook” the viewers. I have several posts now dating back to late 2016 with many more to come. There are and will be more personal blog posts plus game reviews, game mod downloads, art and photo galleries, posts about the digital art world, art projects, and more. I wrote a Mission Statement with more details if you’re interested in the purpose of this blog.

Some of the posts I have planned for the immediate future include posts with downloads of my game mods for the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games, a couple game reviews, updates on my art projects, more fun stuff, more personal posts, etc.

I’m also looking for my ancient graphic novels like Echoes of Darkness and the old online cartoon/comics like that Star Trek spoof I made. Once I find them, if I find them, I’ll be uploading them to this blog. I hope I find them!

While I’m looking for those old novels and comics, I’ll also be looking for more pet photos both old and new plus some of the videos I’ve made of our pets. I have an audio CD of our late Parrotlet talking his little beak off which I’ll turn into audio clips or a little YouTube video so you can hear his hilarious little voice too.

I’d prefer not to be talking into a vacuum, so please feel free to comment on articles and such, but mainly this blog is for me. I find writing in it to be very therapeutic and it helps to have a record of both my progress and regression in regards to my health.

If you’re wondering why I made the blog so colorful, colorful equals cheerful to me and I thought a cheerful looking blog would be nice for both the viewers and me since I have to look at it while working on it. Do you like the soft colors of the theme?

That’s all for now as there is always more work for me to do on my many projects. See you all later!