First off, an update on my health following my previous entry I’m Still Down. The results from the CT scan of my sinus showed that my sinus cavities are quite healthy and clear. For a moment, the ENT doctor was at a loss to explain my symptoms but then I mentioned another problem I was having and that’s when I saw the light bulb go off. She diagnosed me with Laryngopharyngeal reflux meaning stomach acid is going up into my throat and sinus. She prescribed me another pill to start taking and now it’s a wait and see to find out if she’s right and if all the pain goes away. It’s been a few days since I started the new pill (it took a while for my insurance to approve it) and I haven’t experienced positive results yet but I’m feeling hopeful about it.

Speaking of pills, I’m in the midst of a medication change for my mental health. One of the previous medications started taking late last year was likely causing me to gain weight, affecting my memory, and wasn’t doing much to help my depression. So, I asked my doctor to take me off that medication and put me on a new one that isn’t supposed to have weight gain as a side effect. I’m still in the transitional period between pills so I can’t quite say yet whether the new medication is helping or not. Only time will tell but so far I’m feeling fairly well. I’ve been trying to write a new post about what it’s like to transition from one medication to another but I’m not quite ready to publish it yet; if I ever do. I’ll give it another look once I publish this post.

I’m still feeling tired all the time as I have been for several months. So tired I keep having to go back to bed during the day and taking so long to get up in the morning that morning is usually over by the time I get up. My doctors have tested and treated several suspected causes (thyroid and vitamin D) but I’m still sleepy all the time. I was hoping that medication change would help but it hasn’t so far. I’ll just have to go back to my doctors and the drawing board. Until then, I decided to buy a bottle of 5-hour energy and see if that would work. First off, that shit is nasty tasting. Maybe I should have refrigerated it first to improve the taste? It’s been about 15 minutes and I do feel slightly energized. I’m not bouncing off the walls but I don’t feel like going back to bed either so…. it works? I do however feel a bit dizzy. I’m now feeling like I should have talked to one of my doctors before trying this stuff. 

Now onto some really good news, I’ve resumed work on the Shelby Bly Project! To begin with, I’ve created several more pieces of concept art and added them to the official site. I also went back over editing the fifth story draft and realized I need to write one more final draft of the story before it’s ready to be turned into storyboards and then into a graphic novel. I started writing the final draft a couple days ago and am currently on Page 64. The previous draft had 74 pages but I’ve been adding a lot of new content while also cutting some superfluous scenes so I don’t know yet how many pages this final draft will have. I’ll keep you posted both here and on the official site, here.

Once I finish that final draft of the story, I want to go back and create a new artwork or two. I have plenty of ideas for new artworks, I just need to decide which ideas to create first. I haven’t been able to create a new artwork since mid-February of this year and I was hoping to beat last year’s record of total artworks created. Last year I created over thirty artworks. So far this year, I’ve created about ten artworks so I’ve got a ways to go. Stay tuned to my official art site, Dream 9 Studios to see what new artworks I create when I do!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll try not to take so long between new posts next time. 🙂 Take care!