So you have some questions about various terms and aspects of Pop collecting? Wondering what a Pop even is? Here you will find those answers and more! If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please ask me and I may add your question and the answer on this post. Thank you and have fun!

Basic Pop FAQs

  • They are 3.75″ vinyl figures with large minimalist heads and detailed bodies based on people and figures from pop culture. They are highly collectable and available almost everywhere for a relatively good price (around $10 USD for brand new Pops) and hold their value well unlike most collectable fads.

  • There are two main sources for checking out the current worth of any particular Pop. They are Pop Price Guide and Stashpedia. Lately, Stashpedia has been the go-to for most collectors as PPG is backlogged.

  • It seems like almost all of them because what they don’t have now, they’re working on getting soon. The most popular licenses are Star Wars, Marvel, and DC though they also have a lot of television shows, movies, animated shows, and games. It’s best to just look and see though, like I said, if they don’t make a certain Pop yet, they most likely will be soon.

  • Basically that’s a Pop that is no longer being manufactured by Funko and is discontinued/retired. Although exclusives can become discontinued, only commons are ever officially vaulted.

  • Commons are Pops that are being produced in large numbers and can commonly be found in most stores that sell Funko Pops. Commons aren’t usually worth much until they become vaulted or there is a perceived shortage of a specific Pop.

  • An exclusive Pop is a Pop that is only ever sold in one specific retail store. For instance, a Hot Topic Exclusive is only available for retail sale in Hot Topic stores. They are not allowed to be sold in other brick and mortar stores but can usually be found on eBay and Amazon though usually at a much higher price. It’s best to buy an exclusive from the store it’s exclusive to.

  • OOB means simply “out of box”. Some collectors keep their Pops in their boxes while others, the OOB collectors, display their Pops without their boxes. It can honestly be a point of contention between collectors! I am an OOB collector though I keep the boxes in storage. A Pop without a box is generally worth roughly half of a Pop with a box so it’s a good idea to hold onto those boxes even if you’re an OOB collector.

  • A chase is a limited edition version of a Pop that is made to be hard to find by Funko. Not every Pop has a chase edition but those that do, the current ratio is 6:1. That means one out of every six Pops could be a chase. A popular chase variant at the moment is the Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg with open mouth. Most Porg Pops sold will have a closed mouth. If you’re really lucky, you may find one with an open mouth. A chase is worth considerably more than a regular Pop.

  • GITD stands for Glow In The Dark. Yes, that’s right. Some Pops actually glow in the dark. They’re really cool to look at too.

  • Basically, flocked means fuzzy. Flocked Pops have a thin layer of fuzzy material on them that gives them a very different look and feel over the regular vinyl.

  • Firstly, you can buy them direct from me!! Check out my For Sale page to see what I currently have in stock. You’d be helping me out a great deal if you buy any! You can also buy Pops in the following brick and mortar stores: Hot Topic, WalMart, Walgreens, Target, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, Best Buy, and a few others I can’t think of at the moment. They can also be bought online at the above mentioned stores’ websites or Amazon, Box Lunch, and of course eBay.

  • I think it’s mainly due to pop culture nostalgia. Each Pop represents a popular character from some sort of pop culture phenomena. The Pops are also just damn cute.

  • In the wild means finding a Pop in a local retail store where stock isn’t guaranteed. Many who want a specific Pops order them online to be sure they get one. Finding one by chance, in the wild is thought to be more special.

  • A flipper is someone who buys several in-demand Pops at retail price (thus emptying local stores of inventory for other Pop hunters) and then sells them online for a substantial markup. The key there is that a flipper buys more than they need solely for the purpose of selling them at a highly inflated price.

  • A glam is the computer generated “glamour shot” of a Funko Pop. The glams usually end up on the boxes of the finished Pop. As I have found out, glams and the finished Pop don’t always look alike. Buyer beware!

FAQs About My Collection

  • That number often changes as I buy, sell, and trade. Currently I have 202 Pops in my personal collection. This answer was last updated January 09, 2019.

  • Mainly because that changes by the day, literally, and because it just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  • I have them all on various shelves and cases in my office room. I like to look at them while I’m working as they keep me company. 😉 I’m currently working on how to display them all properly. Keep up with my posts in the Funko Pop topic to see how I’m doing.

  • I try not to buy expensive Pops if only because I have extremely limited funds. That said, I occasionally luck out and a Pop I bought for cheap becomes highly sought after. Right now my most valued Pop is the Mass Effect Grunt #11. I purchased him new for $12 and then he became both vaulted and rare.

  • I’m only selling a few of them. As I spoke of in my post “Pop Overload“, I needed to significantly downsize my collection because I had way too many. Now my collection is a manageable size and by selling unneeded Pops, I can get a few new Pops that I do need. Check out the For Sale page to see what I have available.

  • First, I wrote numbers, starting with 001, on little stickers and then applied those stickers to each Pop. I wrote down the name of each Pop and its corresponding number in a notebook. I then created a database on my computer using Open Office (which is free) and entered information into it including name, series, number, whether it’s an exclusive, how much I paid for it, etc. You can find out more about this in my post “Organize, Catalog, and Display“.

  • Yes I do! Although I display all my Pops OOB, I do try to keep all the boxes as they are connected to the Pop’s value. I’m honestly running out of room and places to put the boxes though. I need to figure something out in that regard very soon before I become overwhelmed by boxes!

Selling Pops FAQ

  • You can see my current inventory on the For Sale page. I keep the page updated almost up to the minute as I sell and trade.

  • At the moment I only accept PayPal online. When you purchase through PayPal whether it is from me or another seller, never use “for friends and family”. If you do and the sale turns sour somehow, you’ll just be out of luck and money. Only by paying “for goods and services” do you get protection from PayPal.
    If you buy the Pops from me locally, I will of course also accept cash but no checks.

  • I always ship through USPS with sturdy boxes and lots of bubble wrap. I do my best to ensure each Pop arrives at its destination safely and in the condition I sent it in. All Pops are sold AS IS and I take plenty of photos of each Pop to protect both myself and the buyer.

  • If you have something from my In Search Of list, then yes I may be able to trade with you for a Pop of equal value. Please contact me and we will set up a deal.

Last updated: January 10, 2019

That’s all I have for now. Once again, if you have a question that isn’t answered here feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this post I will add your question to the list.