Up until about two weeks ago, I was feeling great. I was super productive and happy. Then several bad and very disappointing things happened in quick succession that brought me down. I struggled to get back on my feet but I am still struggling. Yesterday I saw my doctors and they increased one of my anti-depressants so I’m now waiting for that to kick in. Hopefully, between therapy, medication, and my own sheer will to get feeling well again, I will be back to being happy soon. Right now I feel like I’m back on that emotional roller coaster and I’m coasting downwards. I hope to step off of it completely and be on stable ground once again very soon.

At the moment, I am trying to get back to my art work by creating a quick vignette render for this post. After that, I’m either going back to work on one of my commercial projects or I’m going to work on a new artwork. Anything is better than doing nothing and I’m getting sick of either sleeping or playing the Sims which is all that I’ve been doing since I became depressed again. It’s past time to get back to work and be productive again. Once I’m back in the swing of things, I’ll post another Happy Productivity post showing all that I am working on at this time. 

There have been a few good/great developments over the past couple weeks. I finally got a new, larger monitor for my work PC. My previous monitor was 20″ and this new monitor is 27″. It’s an amazing and wonderful change. I also got a newer, bigger SSD to use as my main drive as I suspected my old SSD was giving out. The old drive was 240Gb and this new one is 480Gb. It seems faster too. I did have to reinstall Windows and all of my programs and plugins plus re-download all my games but it’s been worth it as far as I can see. I still need a new and much larger HDD drive to use for my 3D content as the current one is getting to be almost completely full. That will be my next upgrade as soon as we can afford it. What I wish most is that I could get a new GPU and CPU but the CPU will also require a new motherboard and we just don’t have that kind of money right now. I’ll make due with what I’ve got for right now. That hasn’t stopped me from building a wish list on NewEgg for my next PC build though. You know, just in case I win the lottery or something. I picked out only budget parts though as I am frugal regardless of any windfalls.

still feel like just going back to bed and staying there for a long, long time. I’m fighting that depressed urge as best I can but I’m starting to fail again. Maybe just a short nap while I wait for this render to finish…