First off, my health. I’m actually feeling pretty good mood-wise and health-wise. The only problem I seem to be having lately is fatigue and sleep hygiene. I battle chronic fatigue most of the day and night. In regards to the sleep hygiene, my sleep schedule is just off. For instance, I went to be at 9pm last night and woke up at about 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep so I just stayed up. I often have bouts of “too tired to be awake, too awake to go to sleep”. I saw one of my doctors the other day and she thinks it’s related to my thyroid issues so I’ll be taking a blood test soon to find out for sure. Other than the sleep issues, I’m good!

It’s actually kind of weird to feel “good” after being in darkness for so very long. I’m actually feeling so good that I’m being productive like I haven’t been in years. I’ve created a slew of new artworks and I’m working on lots of new commercial 3D content too. It’s a bit amazing, really. I’m indebted to my fantastic doctors! Don’t worry though, I’m not feeling too good as in manic. I’m on the watch for any symptoms though, just in case.

In regards to my work, I will soon be a Renderosity Exclusive vendor. Daz3D offered to buy my entire back catalog that’s currently on their site and give me a what I think is a fair price for it. So, I will soon no longer be a Daz3D vendor once the deal is finalized. I contacted Renderosity and asked what I need to do to be registered as an exclusive vendor and get the benefits that come with it.  (To see my current Renderosity storefront, click here.) Now I need to delete all the Daz3D links from this blog and Dream 9 Studios

I’m not upset about it at all. I only released one product at Daz3D since being converted to being a vendor there after RuntimeDNA fell and that product didn’t do well at all. I have no desire to start working in Daz Studio or creating content for their DS-only Genesis figures so there’s really no point in being a vendor there at all. My old products weren’t really selling anyway. It was just a few dollars a month to remind me I had products there. I look forward to being an exclusive Renderosity vendor!

I have several new projects in the pipeline; all of which are very near completion. My Rickard 3 character for M4 is almost finished. I’m just waiting on my friend Anglu to finish the DS presets and then I’ll be able to submit him to the Renderosity store. I have a set of clothing textures for Kaleya’s Intrigue Dress for V4 and Poser finished now. I just need to create the promos and then I’ll be ready to submit since I won’t be needing DS conversions for those since their materials are Poser-specific. Finally I have my new Miria 2 for V4 character mostly finished. I just need to create the promos and ask Anglu if she would like to try converting some DS mats for Miria as well otherwise I’ll just release the character as Poser-only.

I’m not yet sure what I’ll work on once these projects are finished. I do have some more characters for V4 and M4 which are in the early stages of production and have been for a while (I have one M4 character I started on in 2011 and he’s still unfinished!) I also have had a lot of fun making the dress textures for that Intrigue Dress so I might make some more clothing texture sets as well. I’ve had some compliments on my hair textures/shader from my renders so maybe I’ll make a hair addon or several. Only time will tell for sure!

I’m still creating new artworks as well. I’ve created six new artworks since the end of November. I have a notebook full of ideas sketched out and loads of motivation so stay tuned for lots more new artworks. If you would like to support my ability to create new artworks, please consider becoming my patron at Patreon. I’d greatly appreciate your support and tiers start at just $1 with various rewards for higher tiers.

I’m starting to feel guilty and disappointed in myself about cancelling the Shelby Bly Project; my original adventure graphic novel project. I’m thinking that maybe once I get some more commercial content finished (and make a little money) I’ll see about restarting it. I may also start a Kickstarter or GoFundMe to raise money and interest for the project. Just an idea. I’ll think more about it and keep you all posted.

That’s all for now. I’ve got much work to do for which I finally feel well enough to do it all and that is fantastic! See you soon and stay tuned for more!