Other than being sick at the moment (bronchitis) I am feeling pretty good mood-wise. That’s in stark contrast to my last two birthdays during which I was deeply depressed. (I only know about the last two judging by posts on this blog, I was probably depressed on other previous birthdays as well but I can’t remember for sure.) So, this year’s birthday is a welcome change even if was mostly uneventful. Sometimes uneventful is a nice and welcome change as well.

So, what did I do yesterday on my birthday? I mostly finished one new artwork (Imperfect Birthday, a snippet of which you can see as the featured image on this post or see the full version at Dream 9 Studios) and started on a second. I also worked on my Shelby Bly Project by doing some writing on the sequel and working on location concept art. I also spent some time snuggling under the blankets with Aayla because it is freezing cold in this house! The only thing I had planned to do was go out to dinner with my parents which I did and it was nice. I even got a free dessert without any singing which was fantastic. My anxiety was high enough in that restaurant without a bunch of people singing at me. I also was on Facebook most of the day answering all of the birthday wishes I got. I figure if people are willing to take the time to wish me a happy birthday, the least I can do is say thank you to each and every one.

Today I will be continuing to work on the Shelby Bly Project by creating another promotional artwork and also working on more location and props concept art. I still need to figure out how to create the models for my novel’s “macguffin”. For more info on my project, check out the official website here. Other than that, it’s going to hopefully be another uneventful day although my mom is currently in the hospital. They don’t know what’s wrong with her yet (they’re running tests right now) but she may have to stay overnight. I’m hopeful that it isn’t something serious.

That’s all for now as I honestly can’t think of anything else to write at the moment and I meant to post this yesterday. LOL Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here next time. 🙂