After many long months of inactivity due to illness, I’m finally back in the swing of things! My last commercial digital art product was finished and released back in November 2016 so it’s about damn time. Now that my health has improved, so has my motivation and my muse is in overdrive. I have one product in testing, two about halfway finished, two more in the beginning stages, I volunteered to do two other products I haven’t started on quite yet, and I’ve got a long list of ideas for more. The surprising thing is, I don’t at all feel overwhelmed. At least not yet! Here’s a look of what I’m working on at the moment.

SugarCookie for Cookie, Poser, and DS/Iray

This is the main promotional render for SugarCookie which is a Day of the Dead sugar doll inspired character for the toon character named Cookie. This was my first partnered commercial project (I worked with a partner on a freebie or two in the past but never a commercial project). I created the textures including all of the sugar doll makeups and the Poser material presets. I wanted the character to be able to work in DazStudio to increase its sales appeal and because, after posting some WIP renders to Facebook, I knew there was quite a bit of interest in this product from DS users. I don’t know a damn thing about DazStudio or how to make material presets for it but thankfully my friend Emoke (3D-GHDesign) volunteered to work with me to create the DS presets. She actually went way above and beyond what I needed (which made me work a little more too) and together we have created a truly great character set for both Poser and DS.

SugarCookie is currently in quality assurance testing and, hopefully, once it passes it will be available for sale in the Daz3D store.

Lilla for V4S4 and Poser

Next up I have a toon style character I created for the Victoria 4 base model which I have named Lilla. (I actually created her as the character I use for all the little vignette renders at the top of all my posts here on this blog but then there was so much interest in her that I decided to turn her into a commercial project and share her with my fellow artists.) I so far have finished all of her unique morphs and morph presets along with a base body texture set. Next I will begin work on all the little texture options that will make her even more unique and customizable. She will have a full set of “normal” makeups like the one shown in various colors plus a full set of doll-inspired fantasy makeups. I will also create realistic eye colors, two sets of body shaders, fancy nail polish, lash options, and who knows what else.

I still have much more work to do on Lilla before she is ready for testing or release. Once she is finished, she will be available at Renderosity. I also plan on creating a “gothic doll” addon for her at a later date.

I also have a series of clothing texture sets in the works. The blue shirt seen in the preview of Lilla is one of the textures I am creating for 3D-Age’s Simple T-Shirt. I have about five textures for the shirt finished so far but I want at least ten in total plus I need to make some textures for the included undies. I also plan on creating textures for several other 3D-Age clothing sets and clothing models made by other artists for V4 and M4. I’ll post more previews as they are created (so far all you see is all I have to show).

Also in the works are a few more characters for V4 and M4. The V4 character I will be working on after I finish with Lilla is an older woman in the style of the character I created for the Shelby Bly Project, Rita Nimway. As for Michael 4, I will create a character based on another SBP character, Joel Rio, and a brand new character that was inspired by my favorite Time Lord. All will include unique custom morphs and lots of texture options like all of the characters that I have created.

In addition to all of the commercial projects, I do have a handful of freebies planned for Cookie and a few other things. That’s all that’s on my “to do list” for now. I do take suggestions and requests so if there’s something you’d like to see me create, send me a message and I’ll consider it. Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for more!