I believe I created this little online comic parody in 2007 and it was one of my very first attempts at the medium. I used the toon figures Krystal and Kyle from RuntimeDNA. All of the uniforms (both Starfleet and Klingon) were original creations by me. I created the tribbles using a simple morphed ball prop and Poser’s dynamic hair room. I wish I could remember how I created the transporter effects because it looks just like the effect used in the TV show! I’m pretty sure this was meant to be the first episode of a series but sadly, this is the only episode I ever made. If you’re wondering where the character names came from, they were all characters from another of my online comics called the Adventures of Cate Kroft coming soon to my Archive of Old project.

I know it’s not great, far from my best work that’s for sure, but it is kind of cute. It’s also over 11 years old and one of my very first attempts at a comic strip for online viewing. So please, be forgiving of any errors you see. I didn’t re-edit anything. This is exactly how it was published back in 2007.

The frames you see below are the largest size images I have been able to find so far. I’ll keep searching my hard drives for the original renders that I believe were much larger than these. If and when I find them, I’ll post a download link here so you can download the full-size version for offline viewing. I’ll keep you posted here on this blog. Thank you for viewing.

Use the arrows below the slideshow to view the panels. There are 24 panels in all.

  • Frame 1

    Frame 1

  • Frame 2

    Frame 2

  • Frame 3

    Frame 3

  • Frame 4

    Frame 4

  • Frame 5

    Frame 5

  • Frame 6

    Frame 6

  • Frame 7

    Frame 7

  • Frame 8

    Frame 8

  • Frame 9

    Frame 9

  • Frame 10

    Frame 10

  • Frame 11

    Frame 11

  • Frame 12

    Frame 12

  • Frame 13

    Frame 13

  • Frame 14

    Frame 14

  • Frame 15

    Frame 15

  • Frame 16

    Frame 16

  • Frame 17

    Frame 17

  • Frame 18

    Frame 18

  • Frame 19

    Frame 19

  • Frame 20

    Frame 20

  • Frame 21

    Frame 21

  • Frame 22

    Frame 22

  • Frame 23

    Frame 23

  • Frame 24

    Frame 24

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