As I spoke of in my last post on the subject, Losing It, I am trying to loose a significant amount of weight by my 33rd birthday. I started by lowering my calorie intake and have lost a total of 7lbs in the past 28 days which is pretty good considering my calorie goal was to lose 1lb per week. Instead, I lost almost 2lbs per week which is fantastic. Of course I’d like to be losing more than that but I want to do this safely, in a healthy way rather than the last two times when I lost the weight way too fast for it to be healthy for me.

To continue progressing towards my weight-loss goal I have begun some light exercise. It’s not easy, I’m too out of shape and heavy for moderate exercise. Last Saturday, I took a walk with Aayla, Pixie, and my Dad. According to my phone, I walked about 900 feet. I was completely exhausted and about to collapse. Aayla hasn’t walked since the last time I did but she did quite well; better than me though she too was exhausted by the time we got home. Dad and Pixie kept on walking around the neighborhood after Aayla and I gave out and took a shortcut home. I couldn’t believe I was that out of shape. My legs and knees especially were hurting me all Sunday long and into Monday.  Since it’s raining outside (doggies don’t like the rain), I plan on working out on our elliptical in the basement for about 10 – 15 minutes to start with. I’ll start my new exercise regimen by working on either on the elliptical or taking Aayla for a walk every other day so I have a day to recover between exercise attempts.

I read a great article today about metabolism (what it is, how it works) which led to several other articles about weight-loss. I found out that one way to increase metabolism is to be cold. Seriously! If your too cold, your metabolism speeds up to maintain your core body temperature. That’s easy for me since it’s currently freezing in our house. The article did warn not to take it too far so I’ll use this knowledge with caution. I also read that diets with higher protein increase weigh-loss. So I’m going to adjust my diet to add some more protein without increasing my calories. Speaking of calories; I lowered my daily calorie goal from 1,870 to 1,580 which I am tracking with the MyFitnessPal app. So far I’m still coming in under my calorie goals without starving myself which is great.

If I can manage to lose around 10lbs a month, I’ll meet my goal in time for my next birthday. I think losing 10lbs a month is healthy (if I remember correctly what my doc told me). I just need to keep working on both my diet and exercise and not lose hope. My biggest hurdle in all of this is that I become hopeless again and give up… again. I am determined to see it through this time because I can’t keep living like this. Between the weight and not being able to take my dog on anything more than a very short walk, this is intolerable. Also, hardly any of my clothes fit me right now and buying new clothes is out of the question. Not just due to shortage of money but nothing fits right anymore. I had to buy a new bra last week and nothing I tried on fit right or was comfortable. I finally settled on one but I hate it. Then again, I’ve always hated bras so that might have something to do with it.

I haven’t started wearing makeup again yet. I’ll start practicing with it today and see how that goes. I can’t get the saying “lipstick on a pig” out of my head though so that’s holding me back a little. Oh yeah, I need to take a “before” photo of myself to have something to compare with a later “after” or even “halfway there” photos. I’ll do that today.

Right now it’s storming and Aayla is scared (as usual) so I had best sign off and hold my little doggie so she feels safe.